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Location New South Wales, Australia
Founded 2009

On November 11, 2011, the 11Eleven Project invited people all over the world to go out and capture part of their day using film, photography, music, sounds and text. Following an extensive promotion campaign utilising various marketing opportunities, predominantly those offered by the world of social media as well as various TV and press segments, we received submissions from 179 countries across the globe.

The process to collate all the content began as soon as the day had passed with the eventual outcome being the development of 3 products: the feature documentary; photographic book; and a music collection. The feature documentary will be released via a worldwide community screening on November 11, 2012, allowing people across the globe to view the film that they helped create, free of charge! On September 21, there will be a special preview screening held at Sydney's Lower Town Hall, when the community will be asked to provide their feedback on the film before we unleash it on the rest of the world! The Project aims to raise awareness of one another and help us recognise each other's similarities while at the same time, respecting each other's differences.

Eventually the film will be made available to purchase along with the other 11Eleven products, with the profits raised from the sales being split evenly between our six carefully chosen charities: Save the Children; WWF; Hunger Project; Hamlin Fistula; Opportunity International; and Global Voices.



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123 The Street, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000, Australia

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