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Advertising, Art Direction, CSS, Design, Digital Design, Graphic & Editorial Design, HTML, Illustrator, InDesign, Newsletter Design, Photoshop, Print Design, Web Design


  • IBT Media - Newsweek / International Business Times
    Lead designer
    2014 - Present

    The sole design touchpoint across all parts of the business, I liaise with sales, editorial, tech, marketing and social departments to ensure brand guidelines are set and met.


    Designing infographics and maps to support global news stories or features across both brands. These are either queued up for specific events (Chernobyl 30th anniversary) or reactive to breaking news (Brussels attacks). I prepare templates to aid the quick generation of social graphics. For example, a template to enable our social team to quickly whip up quotes from a story to share. I also edit and maintain all journalist headshots, whether full time or freelance staff. Lastly, I art direct video production, to ensure that the house style is consistent.

    In summer 2016, I hired a data journalist, who I mentor on HTML, CSS, JS and design.


    The only front end developer in the business, I code all of my designs. Using HTML/5, CSS/3 and the Bootstrap and BEM frameworks, I ensure modular/scalable front end development is prioritised over superfluous, boundary-pushing tech. As well as the front end for websites, I develop all email templates, suing the unfortunately antiquated HTML tables and inline CSS. Fun stuff.


    With Newsweek actively marketing more than IBTimes and IBT Media in general, most of the marketing collateral I produce is for them. This comes in the form of print advertisements, iAB approved digital banners, social media formatted posts, newsletter banners and any external ad-hoc requests (Apple app store iAds or cross-brand promotions for example).


    Whether it's sitting in on client meetings to discuss our newsletter offering, mocking up third part banners, or designing sales decks, I'm responsible to ensuring deadlines are met and the designs prepared are up to standard. I'm also the touch point for any third party Solus or newsletter promotions, which requires the fulfilment of external HTML emails and implementation of other brand packages.


  • University of Leeds
    BA New Media
    2008 - 2011

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Luis Ouriach
Education University of Leeds
Employer IBT Media - Newsweek / International Business Times
Location Sydney Australia




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