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The Academy will host Prudence Murphy’s ‘Future Forms’, to coincide with the Brick by Brick exhibition.

A real speedboat is a projection of a toy speedboat made large enough for an adult’s hand and imagination to grasp. Prudence Murphy’s current series of 17 photographic prints (Future Forms) occupies this in-between space, a kind of Gulliver in Legoland, where imagination crosses with reality, and adult and child swap places. Here, little desiring machines made of Lego blocks seem suspended in the state of almost happening. Found in a play box these modular shapes are then set and deliberately angled in the never-never of a graduated grey backdrop. It is a grey that is interstellar, even metaphysical, making the very poised images – Hovership, Trailer, Sentinel etc.

Excerpted from 'Future Forms' catalogue
George Alexander
George Alexander’s novel Slow Burn was published in 2009 by UWA Press.

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