Account Management, Art Direction, Brand Management, Business Development, Buying, Colour Design, Crafts, Creative Direction, Design, Event Design, Events, Excel, Fashion, Food, Homes


  • Tina and Lousie Interiors
    Interior Stylist
    2012 - Present

  • Fleur Wood
    Creative Manager- Lifestyle Buyer, Visual Merchandiser:
    1970 - Present

    Due to been apart of a ‘growing’ business structure my current position involves an amalgamation of Buying, Merchandising, creative direction and retail operations. It’s a challenging role incorporating a diverse cross section of several integral elements within the retail environment. This role involves a balancing act, which requires forward planning, exceptional organisational skills, strategic thinking and an ability to multi task daily in order to confidently execute all tasks at hand. As the key buyer I had to source original unique items which are reflective of the brand image and managing a tight assortment of product lines which add value to the retail stores. As visual merchandising manager, this role is a very ‘hands on’. It involves a high flow of communication between all stores to ensure a consistent visual approach is executed to a standard in all stores. I have personally installed over 30 bespoke window displays, using recycled props and materials. It requires exceptional time management and organisation. I have been fortunate to work on large scale styling projects such as Food Fashion Friends lifestyle book. My skills also extend to refurbishment of uniquely sourced furniture and eclectic items, which have been sold through out the stores.

  • Seduce
    National Visual Merchandiser
    2013 - 2014


  • International School of Colour and Design
    2011 - 2012
  • FBI Fashion College
    2005 - 2005

Awards and Achievements

  • INSIDE OUT Search for Stylist


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Dani Butchart
Education Dec-2011 - Dec-2012 - International School of Colour and Design
Dec-2005 - Dec-2005 - FBI Fashion College
Employer Tina and Lousie Interiors
Location Sydney Australia


About Dani

She is a floral wrangling, interior creator, object sourcing master of craft.

A creative stylist and designer, Dani is a lover of the visual who lives to create beauty from blankness. A pragmatic go getter, Dani has a burning hunger to do brilliant things.

Slightly obsessed with all things pretty and inherently aware of her surroundings, Dani knows how to accentuate spatial flows and create a visual feast.

She has worked on countless projects within residential and retail design, advertising and editorial, industry event styling, floral installation, weddings and window display.

Let Dani materialise your imaginings and challenge your expectations. Let your space become inspiring and alluring, expressive and reflective. Let your space speak for itself




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