Hyundai i30 'amazing, day after day'
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Armed with his backpack, two trusty Canon 7D cameras and a brand new dolly-rig from Dynamic Perceptions LLC, intrepid VFX supervisor Jeff Gaunt hiked up the side of the Pinatobo volcano in the Philippines, chased after Bullet Trains in Tokyo and travesed the splendours of Dubai to capture stunning footage for the Hyundai i30 TVC, ‘Amazing, Day After Day’. While director/DOP Brendan Williams was in the North Pole trying to keep his equipment warm in -40° below, Jeff was fording rivers in the jungles of Asia.

A tribute to what can be done on a consumer SLR, shooting 30sec time-lapse photography gave Jeff the razor sharp 4K images necessary to add those subtle camera moves in post.

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