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  • (TV) Production 1
  • Arts 1
  • Digital Writing / Editing 1


Blogging, Casting, Computer Games, Copywriting, Creative Thinking, Critic, Digital Artist, Digital Media, Editing, Events, Facilitation, Fact Checking, Game Art, Game Design, Game Mechanics


  • Pipeline Angels
    Community Coordinator
    2016 - Present

    Developing guidelines for management of social media accounts, content, follower interaction. Building relationships with organisations & companies focused on supporting women in tech.

  • Creatrix Tiara / The Merch Girl
    Creative Producer
    2009 - Present

    * (Co)producing, planning, and presenting performances, media content, and projects related to identity politics, community belonging, feminism, diversity, anti-discrimination, sexuality, gender, and fair representation

    * Known for being outspoken, passionate, innovative, and rabble-rousing for the right to speak your own truth

    * Highly skilled in bringing together people from disparate fields for networking and collaboration, as well as researching and finding resources for various projects

  • Creatrix Tiara / The Merch Girl
    Creative Productions Service Provider / Production Assistant
    2009 - Present

    * Problem solving, project management, and conflict management for small-to-medium creative enterprises including creating systems and workflows for productions and events, allowing clients and event managers to concentrate on their own work

    * Task management, events and contacts database software, teamwork, liaison, and delegation

    * Provided visitors, special guests, and staff with current event & venue information, conflict
    resolution, problem-solving especially during chaotic times

  • Creatrix Tiara / The Merch Girl
    Performance Artist
    2009 - Present

    * Incorporating burlesque, circus, theater, improv, spoken work, physicality, and comedy to relate personal stories and comment politically on issues such as cultural diversity and identity

    * Known for innovative and heartfelt representation of difficult issues in unexpected form and for being upfront & outspoken in performance

  • San Francisco LGBTQ Speakers Bureau
    Public Speakers
    2013 - 2015

    Speaking to schools, colleges, and community programs about experiences as a member of the LGBTQ community, including addressing misconceptions and answering questions.

  • Center for Sex and Culture
    Social Media Manager
    2014 - 2015

    Updating events blog and calendar for events hosted at or by the Center, as well as sourcing and sharing creative work related to gender and sexuality on Tumblr and Twitter.

  • Tutorpedia Foundation
    Afterschool Tutor
    2014 - 2015

    Providing 1-on-1 and small group after-school tutoring to elementary, middle, and high school students, primarily in Maths and English.

  • Emerging Arts Professionals
    2014 - 2015

    Regular discussion groups and projects around arts management and community arts development, with a planned group project on regenerative arts practices.

  • Yoni Ki Baat
    2014 - 2015

    Co-leading organizational team for annual world-renown community theater production around experiences of South Asian women, including managing submissions and auditions, outreach, fundraising, venue logistics. Previously performer (2013, 2014) and writer (2012).

  • 826 Valencia
    Volunteer Tutor
    2014 - 2015

    Tutoring elementary-school-age students on creative writing and homework help, including writing and publishing youth newspaper The Bay-Farer. Recognized as one of the Top 100 volunteers for Fall 2014 based on volunteer hours.

  • Global Fund for Women
    Editorial Intern, Ignite
    2014 - 2014

    Editing, researching, and preparing content for major international online exhibition about women in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics), including working with Drupal and outreach to international women's and STEAM organizations. Independently researched and contacted over 50 women in STEAM - 10% Yes rate in first week.

  • SOMArts
    Translation and Education Intern
    2013 - 2014

    * Co-creating curriculum and co-leading classes of 10-12 youth (11-17 years) from across San Francisco Bay Area working on art and media projects relating to identity and citizenship, in collaboration with sibling cohort at Islamic Arts Museum, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    * Contributing vital cultural knowledge of Malaysia and other countries, particularly around issues of multicultural identity, education, and youth culture

    * Maintaining project web presence, particularly on Facebook and Tumblr, with documentation of class discussions and created work, as well as posts on related topics

    * Providing technical and creative support to youth - Final Cut, Photoshop, Facebook

    * Co-creating safe space for youth to explore and question ideas around self, community, and country while also ensuring respect for other cultures and backgrounds

  • California Institute of Integral Studies
    English as Second Language Academic Editor
    2012 - 2014

    Edited academic papers and other written materials for graduate-level and undergraduate-level students from non-US and ESL backgrounds.

  • California Institute of Integral Studies
    Co-Editor, Mission@Tenth
    2014 - 2014

    Co-edited 5th edition of university-run arts and literary journal, including editing and proofing written submissions, curating content, outreach to writers and artists.

  • California Institute of Integral Studies
    Fellow, Center for Writing and Scholarship
    2013 - 2013

    Tutored undergraduate and graduate-level students in academic writing and academic skills development, taking into account the university’s emphasis on integral education, as well as organising workshops and pedagogy on writing center theory & academic discourse.

  • Queensland University of Technology
    Project Officer, Widening Participation
    2012 - 2012

    Coordinated logistics of various faculty-specific programs aimed at encouraging high school students from low socio-economic backgrounds to consider tertiary study as a viable option, including booking Student-Teachers for workshops, liaising with schools, inventory, creating & developing employee handbook.

  • Slutwalk Brisbane 2012
    Head Organiser
    2012 - 2012

    Organized local arm of international feminist movement against victim-blaming in rape and sexual assault, with specific focus on diversity and inclusivity - including liaising with City Council, police, and venues, managing team of volunteers, hiring speakers and performers, outreach and public relations, conflict management.

  • 4zzz FM
    Sponsorship Assistant
    2012 - 2012

    * Coordinated offers and requests from community artists and businesses for sponsorship on iconic community radio station, such as competition giveaways and event promotions

    * Maintained events section of 4zzz website (on Drupal) involving research on upcoming events, logistical information, and choosing & resizing appropriate photos

    * Prepared scripts for on-air announcements of sponsorships and events

  • 4zzz FM
    Contributor, Co-Presenter and Co-producer (Megaherzzz)
    2010 - 2012

    * Researched and prepared content for iconic weekly feminist radio magazine program for Brisbane community radio, including reporting of current feminist news and affairs, discussion on relevant topics, promotion of feminist events and media, and selection of local, regional, and international music from female musicians

    * Especially skilled in curating, organizing, and conducting interviews with feminist newsmakers, community organizers, and artists, such as a panel on burlesque and feminism with local burlesque performers and interview with Ida Lichter, writer of Muslim Women Reformers, at Brisbane Writers Festival

    * Recruited new presenters into production team and participated in radio training

  • Center for Sex and Culture
    2011 - 2011

    * Assisted with various projects related to sexual empowerment, sex education, and cultural views of human sexuality

    * Notable projects include setting up and striking down the Ecosexuality art exhibition by Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens, stage-managing the Ecosexual Conference, organising photography project Sex Protests, and being the go-between between the Center and SlutWalk San Francisco/Bay Area

    * Still maintain a close relationship with the Center

  • Femina Potens
    2011 - 2011

    * Promoted events of feminist art gallery through listings on relevant local events/news websites and calendars, updates on mailing lists for the gallery and associated organizations and interests, and connecting directly to related artists and supporters

    * Outreach to local artists and organizations for participation in programming and promotions

  • Queensland University of Technology
    Assistant, Creative Industries Research Office
    2011 - 2011

    Assisted with the organization, collation, and collection of research submissions to the Creative Industries faculty for entry into the Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) database, including preparing lists for follow-up actions and delegations and coordinating communications. Careful organizing allowed multiple weeks' worth of work to be compressed to a week.

  • ABC Australia Network
    Presenter, My Australia
    2010 - 2010

    * Presenter for TV travel show geared towards international market, following recent migrants to Australia around for local adventures while interviewing local people about their involvement

    * Episodes involved participating in a Fresh Meat (newcomers) roller derby afternoon with the Brisbane City Rollers and busking at the Adelaide Feast Festival while talking to other buskers and festivalgoers

  • Vulcana Women's Circus
    Circus Artsworker Trainee
    2009 - 2009

    * Training to be a circus performer and artsworker through intensive circus skills classes, observing & assisting in community workshops, and facilitating outreach performance programs with at-risk communities in Brisbane

    * Participated in Aperture creative development project leading up to a performance at Island Vibe 2009

    * Still heavily involved with Vulcana in other ways including membership on Board of Directors

  • Zen Zen Zo
    2008 - 2008

    * Assisted with office and arts administration including inventory, document organisation and editing, scheduling, and contacts management, large-scale art grant applications

    * Revised company policy & procedure documents, leading to a draft Employee Handbook with rights, responsibilities, and resources for staff, teachers, and crew

    * Researched and conducted risk assessments for off-site major training camp for young participants

  • Youth Arts Queensland
    Work Placement
    2008 - 2008

    * Co-produced and researched a Cultural Diversity Strategy to encourage young people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities into Youth Arts Queensland, including research on state and federal arts policy, analysing organisational practices, and interviews

    * Assisted with the development and deployment of arts business training program Navigation, including assessment procedures, trainer contracts, student enrollments, and training sessions

    * Researched and compiled resources for arts workers, including available grants and jobs

  • Channel [V] International
    Production Assistant, Scriptwriter
    2006 - 2006

    * Researched and produced scripts for international top 40 music and entertainment station

    * Assisted with recording and editing of on-air promotional content

    * Developed concepts and production plans for proposed new lifestyle magazine program

  • Up with People
    Intern, External Relations
    2005 - 2005

    * Promoted organization and community production through local media outreach, presentations at schools and universities, and online avenues

    * Actively developed tour’s social media presence through Livejournal and Flickr

    * Wrote and edited articles about touring experiences for Up with People’s website and potential local media sources

  • The Star (Malaysia)
    Writer - The BRATS
    2003 - 2005

    * Young Journalists program organized by Malaysian national English newspaper The Star

    * Plenty of opportunities both in journalism and in community service - from writing articles for the monthly Ole Brats pullout, to doing charity work for orphanages, small towns, and anyone else that needs help

    * Previous opportunities include a trip to Mabul, Sabah to create reefballs for marine conservation, and interviews with media personality Asha Gill and the leaders of Malaysia, including former Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, for the National Day 2004 special


  • HBX | Harvard Business School
    Credential of Readiness
    2016 - 2016
  • Calfornia Institute of Integral Studies
    MFA - Creative Inquiry
    2012 - 2014
  • Queensland University of Technology
    Bachelors - Creative Industries (Interdisciplinary - Creative Industries Management, Creative Writing)
    2006 - 2008

Awards and Achievements

  • Fellow, White House LGBTQ Tech & Innovation Summit

  • Finalist, Startup Bus (Screet)

  • GXDev Diplomacy Award - Best Use of Non-Violence in Puzzle Gaming

  • 826 Valencia Top 100 Club

  • Exclusive Invitation, Al-Jazeera I&R Media in Context Hackathon (Doha, Qatar)

  • Finalist - Miss Burlesque Australia (Queensland)

    I made some waves by being a finalist at the Queensland round of the first ever Miss Burlesque Australia - mostly because I was kind of the last person you'd expect at such a competition.

    I didn't progress further, but still left an impression with my alternative work.

  • Cabaret Burlesque Brisbane - Third Place

    This was my public solo debut as a burlesque performer and even now people talk about this particular act.

    In this piece I explore the clash between my Muslim upbringing and my interest in sexuality by performing a reverse strip that ends in a Muslim prayer outfit. Later versions end in a burqa.

  • AYA Dream Malaysia Youth Award

    I was one of the youth finalists for this award based on my work with EducateDeviate.

  • QUT Student Leadership Award

    I was awarded this for my work with EducateDeviate and my overall passion for youth empowerment.


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Creatrix Tiara (Tiara Shafiq)
Education HBX | Harvard Business School
Calfornia Institute of Integral Studies
Queensland University of Technology
Employer Pipeline Angels
Location Melbourne Australia


About Creatrix Tiara

I work with creative arts & media, technology, community cultural development, and education to explore ideas around community, identity, liminality, belonging, and social justice. I come from a long line of migrants, never neatly fit any one demographic and subculture, and being Othered or Foreign is now near-first-nature to me - it drive's my life's work.

I'm highly skilled and passionate at building bridges and connections across cultures and demographics, adapting to quickly-changing circumstances, taking initiative, working with new media and technology, researching resources and networks, and producing in multiple creative and media forms. I'm a life-long writer, a strident activist for rights to self-determination and personal choice, and have built a reputation for creating challenging, catalyzing creative & community work that deals with race, gender, sexuality, and nationality. Currently I'm very interested in exploring the intersections of arts, technology, and social justice, particularly through digital media and games, and looking at the ways that they can be used to convey and support experiences of transience and flux.

I am completing Harvard Business School's HBX CORe program in April 2016, and also have an MFA in Creative Inquiry from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, where I also was part of the Center for Writing and Scholarship Fellowship (for pedagogy and practical experience in college-level academic tutoring), as well as a Bachelors in Creative Industries (Creative Industries Management, Creative & Professional Writing) from Queensland University of Technology, where I was a recipient of a Student Leadership Award in 2007. I have worked and am working with a wide range of organisations and causes in the US, Australia, Malaysia, and worldwide, including Pipeline Angels, Global Fund for Women, ST LGBTQ Speakers Bureau, SOMArts, Slutwalk, Center for Sex and Culture, 4zzzfm, Vulcana Women's Circus, and many more. I am currently a member of Double Union and the fembot collective.




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