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NPS MedicineWise allows you to keep track of any medicines, including details about their active ingredients and required dosage. Using the app, it is possible to set reminders, and keep track of when you have taken your medicine.

Keeping an up to date medicines list helps avoid medicine mix-ups and brand confusion. It also stops you having to repeat or re-write the list each time you see your doctor or pharmacist. An up-to-date medicines list is vital for informed effective, conversations with your doctor or pharmacist.

Email and print out copies of your medicines list before an appointment - easy to read, easy to update.

Key features
•Keep a list of all of your medicines – include prescription, those you buy over the counter and complementary medicines
•Keep photos of your medicines, packaging and dispensing labels
•Track any changes to your medicines with the change log
•Export and email a printable copy of your medicine list and change log for review with health professionals
•Save personal details, health professionals contact details and questions you have.

NPS MedicineWise is a 2011 Australian Mobile Awards Winner

NPS MedicineWise is available to download free from the Apple iTunes App Store

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