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Virtual Reality Design
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6:15 pm to 9:00 pm | Tuesday and Thursday Evenings
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66-68 Devonshire Street Surry Hills, Surry Hills, New South Wales, 2010, Australia

Virtual Reality Design Sydney

New South Wales, Sydney

Our Virtual Reality Design Program runs over 10 weeks and will provide you with the knowledge and practical skills to be able to make or break into this fascinating industry that is on the verge of burgeoning growth. Morton Heilig introduced the first VR experience with his Telesphere mask in 1960 and now some of the largest global companies Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Facebook and HTC are racing to transform how people experience experiences.

Our approach to this course explores industry best practice methodologies and concepts to create spectacular virtual and augmented experiences.

Through this program you will learn about the industry, the tools and techniques to be able to capture the minds of users and utilise this powerful medium in both past and new unexplored commercial applications.

The world currently creates great user experiences with apps, websites and beyond. Academy XI believes the next wave of UX Designers is the Virtual Reality (VR) Designer.

This program is aimed at anyone who wants to bring a pioneering perspective into their organisation or be able to make an entrance into the VR & AR community and work with these early adopting innovators.

Led by highly experienced and well regarded experts in VR & AR and guided by a number of industry mentors you will solve a problem in a commercial application and also have a chance to create your very own VR experience.

Throughout this course you will get to use a range of different Virtual Reality equipment, learning theory, embedding practical tools and approaches, while absorbing these learnings through the guided experiences they provide.

The content and applications of VR are just at the seed of opportunity and capability. Join us to change the world in transforming the way we experience the world.

This course is for
There are no prerequisites for this course, the knowledge is structured to take you from a complete beginner to become a mini pioneer within this ever growing space.

Ideal for:

Innovation & technology managers
All designers looking to create in a new medium
UX designers wanting to work across a new interface
Project & product managers looking to work with 3D artists and developers
Marketers who want to offer a new medium of engagement
Media and advertising producers
Animators, developers, 3D artists
Film and videographers
Creative directors looking to improve knowledge
VR enthusiasts and hobbyists
What you'll learn
Week 1
Intro to Virtual Reality
Week 2
Virtual Reality Interfaces
Week 3
VR Storytelling
Week 4
Commercial Applications & Early Adopter Verticals
Week 5
VR tools and techniques
Week 6
VR Design Strategy
Week 7
My First Scene with Unity 3D
Week 8
VR Tools Application with Unity
Week 9
Play-Testing and UX fundamentals Applied to VR
Week 10
Breaking into VR & Building a VR team, ethics and gender in VR
Bonus Week
Presentations & Play Day

Career outcomes
By the end of the course, you will have learned the following important skills:

Structured knowledge of the history and development of Virtual Reality
Understanding of various tools, hardware and VR/AR equipment and their applications
Creating a VR interface
How to create a VR Story
How to use various Game Engines, Avatars, Modelling, Scanning, Video, Audio
Basic technical skills in Unity 3D
Know and apply best practices in VR
Create and manage the VR onboarding process
Processes for creating objects and environments
VR Experience fundamentals
What will you do?

Pitch a VR commercial application and design presentation
Create a basic VR experience
Use various equipment and be able to run excellent VR Demo’s


Saxon Dixon
Co-founder of Virtual Immersive | Instructor
Saxon has over 10 years experience working as a Virtual Reality Designer, User Experience Designer, and Technical Artist in the games and interactive industry. For the last two years, Saxon has been working within the Virtual Reality space, gaining experience with industry standard programs and engines.

Recently, Saxon co-founded his own VR company called Virtual Immersive, a VR and AR studio that partners directly with brands and works with Australia’s top advertising agencies to create engaging and immersive content.

To learn more about Saxon, view his website here: [...]

John Doolan
Co-founder of Virtual Immersive | Instructor
John is the Co-founder and Lead Software Engineer of Virtual Immersive and works alongside Saxon, creating immersive experiences for Australia’s leading brands and agencies.

John is a self-proclaimed rendering and interactive graphics guru in Sydney and focuses his time on generating realistic, real-time rendering using Unreal Engine, VR, and WebGL.

Prior to Virtual Immersive, John worked as the Senior Programmer at The Pulse, where he helped the interactive graphics team utilise and explore the potential of Unreal Engine.
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