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UI/UX Design
Contact Hours
9:00 am to 5:00 pm | Monday to Friday (Holidays- 23rd Feb, 29th Mar to 2nd April)
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3/45 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia

User Experience Design: Transform Melbourne

Victoria, Melbourne

This course is for
Anyone wanting to transform their career and become a UX Designer
A designer wanting to make an immediate switch to UX
There are no course prerequisites. Come with passion and determination. Be ready to throw yourself at this career-transforming step towards becoming a UX Designer.

We interview applicants to better understand what each individual wants to get out of the course. We can then make sure your personal goals are met.

What you'll learn

Live projects
Exploring the problem space
Concept development
Design and communication
Your future

Career outcomes

Learn UX frameworks and techniques, communicate findings and concepts, build your portfolio, get a job in UX. At the completion of our 10-week, full-time course you’ll:

Feel comfortable in design team constructs and working on real-world UX projects
Understand the UX process, and how to apply frameworks to diverse UX problems
Gain an ability to effectively communicate concepts with various stakeholder groups
Evaluate and execute a myriad of proven design research techniques
Effectively communicate research findings and user insights
Understand future trends and changes affecting the industry
Have the ability to shape your own UX career path, and move into your ideal job
Be equipped to fluidly move into a UX career, with confidence

Why now?

The design and emerging tech industry is suffering from a shortage of quality, job-ready UX talent. Our graduates are equipped to fill this digital skills gap and hit the ground running. Our aim is to educate the next generation of digital change-makers, providing our ecosystem with UX problem-solvers with a passion for positive change.

Are you ready to embark on your UX journey? Take the next step, transform your career and become a User Experience Designer.

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