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UI/UX Design
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9:00 am to 5:00 pm | Monday to Friday
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G Tower, 9 Rama 9 Road, Room 3204, Huay Kwang Bangkok, Bangkok, Krung Thep, 10310, Thailand

User Experience Design: Accelerate 1 week (Bangkok

Krung Thep, Bangkok

User Experience Design has become increasingly recognised by employers and businesses as an important, strategic role in the delivery of successful digital products.

In our one-week focused course, UXD:Accelerate, your learning experience will be intensive and focused. Take a deep dive into User Experience Design and learn the important skills and techniques required to create meaningful digital experiences.

Guided by highly experienced and well regarded industry experts, you’ll bring a problem you want to solve and we’ll guide you through the process to help you breathe life into it.

Our approach is intense and applied; each day you will walk away with a new technique to practice and implement. Take your career up a notch and start implementing User Experience Design in your workplace.

This course is for
There are no pre-requisites for this accelerated version of our part time or full time UX courses. This program is for anyone interested in breaking into the ever-growing field of User Experience Design and is popular with professionals working in design, tech and adjacent disciplines:

Visual, Digital or Graphic Design
Project Management, Product Management, Production
Art or Creative Direction
Marketing, Advertising and Copywriting
Research and Psychology
QA Testing
Communications Design
What you'll learn
Introduction and warm-up
Introduction to UXD | Accelerated Ideation
Discovery: research
Design research
Discovery: analysis
Research analysis | Persona creation
The Big Picture
Customer journey mapping | Your Vision
The Agile Way: Concept and Design
Best practices | Detailed design
Feedback and validation
Usability Testing
Prototyping and communication
Communicating Design
Pitching to stakeholders
Project presentations

Career outcomes
By the end of this one week course, you will have learned the following important skills:

Plan, design and facilitate an Accelerated Design Thinking workshop
Understand and practice industry-ready research techniques and analyse your research
Create a compelling set of Personas
Create a Customer Journey map
Understand Service Design
Develop a powerful Vision statement
Learn about Design Sprints and how to release an MVP
Develop a set of wireframes and create a working prototype
Conduct usability testing sessions on a working prototype
Pitch a UX concept


Charbel Zeaiter
Co-founder | Academy Xi
Armed with empathy-driven design and an avid interest in the human elements shaping our future, I’m passionate about creating experiences that solve real problems for humans in real contexts.

My goals in life are simple: educate and empower people to create positive ripples of change. Academy Xi was founded with this unified purpose at the centre of it all.

As co-founder, and Xi’s Chief Experience Officer, I seek to build compelling, meaningful, lasting experiences. We take our students and teams to the centre of a deliberate, structured process; where we bridge the gap between doubt and knowingness.

Academy Xi teaches groups and individuals in areas spanning design and technology, specialising in future-forward and newly emerging disciplines. We stay on-the-pulse by applying an iterative design process to the creation of Xi’s training and courses. We push the envelope, striving to move beyond traditional education models.
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