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62 Murray Road, Preston, Victoria, 3072, Australia

NCAT Create

Victoria, Melbourne

NCAT Create is a unique course designed to unlock your creative skills through drawing, digital imaging, art studio practices and new media. As a hands-on course, it is suitable for any level of proficiency.

NCAT’s trainers are all practicing creative professionals. Through practical workshops and mentoring, they will provide advice and support to encourage you as a developing artist.

Delivered by the creative professionals at NCAT FOLIO PREPARATION

NCAT Create is conceived for:
• Adults looking to explore and expand their creative skills for a possible career change
• Adults who want to explore their creative potential
• Artists, designers and craftspeople who want to update or extend their current creative skills
• Adults who feel left behind by the digital revolution
• Adults who cannot currently afford the time to study full-time

NCAT Create enables you to:
• Explore techniques & develop skills in a variety of art-forms
• Build your ability to promote & publicise using new & social media
• Discover how to draw through tutored Life Drawing sessions
• Gain proficiency in the use of the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop and
• Understand the impact copyright & OHS has on your creative work
• Develop your digital imaging skills
• Learn how to store & archive your finished artwork
• Begin planning a career in the creative arts industry
• Network with like-minded creatives

NCAT Create: The Fine Print:
• Family friendly hours (9.30am – 3.00pm)
• 2 days contact per week (Thursday – Friday) with an additional day of optional open studio access
• No tuition Fees. As a fully funded state government training program, we charge no tuition fees. This makes the course ideal for those with existing qualifications for whom other certificate & diploma courses require full fees.
• Access to professional art studio, life drawing studio, two Apple mac computer labs, class sets of Ipads, Wacom tablets, DSLRs, photographic studio & workshop spaces, all in a creative adult learning environment.
• Incorporating both CUA31115 Certificate III in Visual Arts and VCAL Senior Extension - Folio Enhancement certificates

NCAT is a Registered Training Organisation. All trainers are qualified to deliver this qualification.
RTO 6736

To apply, complete an online electronic application form at:
[...]/ncat-create or on our blog: [...]

For further information or to arrange to meet with program staff, contact:
Tracy Paterson, NCAT Create Program Manager, by phone or email:

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