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66-68 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills, New South Wales, 2010, Australia

Growth Marketing: Transform

New South Wales, Sydney

Transform your career and become a Growth Marketer.
Start your 10-week, full-time journey.
Our Growth Marketing Transform course places you at the forefront of growth marketing. A dynamic, highly in-demand and powerful skillset favoured by most successful startups. Created by industry experts and leading practitioners, this intensive career accelerator equips you with the skills, support, network and knowledge to jump straight into a Growth Marketing career or attain resourceful skills to drive your startup to success.

Learn from the best
Developed and taught by industry experts who are at the top of their game, you’ll learn from a number of inspirational, capable and well-respected Growth practitioners. Drive your network and approach real-world startups and growth projects with a new mindset, approach and toolkit of for driving real results.

Get in front of the right people
We provide our students with an extensive network of local and global industry connections. We work closely with experts from high growth startups like Spaceship, Simply Wall St, Koala Mattress and Glamcorner, while inviting exclusive guest mentors. With our career partners, we put you in front of the right people to forge invaluable industry connections. Meet prospective employers and industry influencers at our networking events, and feel supported by our tight-knit community. Depending on your desired outcomes, we will get you in front of amazing investors, VC’s, advisors and employers. You will get off market opportunities in our partner investment portfolio companies.

Experience real-world experience
You’ll work on three live growth projects, working in an environment that mirrors a real world workplace and startup situation. This means you’ll build portfolio ready projects that clearly communicate to employers or investors your industry relevant skills, with undeniable results to back up your profile. You can leverage off references you acquire from the clients you work with. You will build out practical skills that provide you credentials which act as due diligence for investors in our portfolio companies ecosystem. Completing this course will not only give you great experience and skills, but most importantly, a leg up in startup land.

Get Hired
We provide students with ongoing career support so you’re immediately employable. We provide the solid foundations to build out your successful growth career; advice and support, interview training and professional portfolio projects to showcase skills. Our alumni receive exclusive internal learning opportunities and perks, networking events and access to our diverse and valuable industry connections to keep you ahead of the curve and at the centre of growth and what that means for innovative companies. Once you’ve completed the program, you will gain exclusive credentials that will give access to our partner VC’s portfolio companies, accelerator programs and potential roles. Whether you’re looking to work in a startup or raise funds for your own idea, you will be part of our ecosystem to give you a level up.

This course is for
Anyone wanting to transform their career and become a Growth Marketer or Growth Hacker
Anyone looking to work in start-up or high growth company
Anyone looking to have highly relevant skills to launch and grow a start-up
There are no course prerequisites. Come with passion, hustle and determination. Be ready to throw yourself at this career-transforming step towards becoming a Growth Marketer.

We interview applicants to better understand what each individual wants to get out of the course. We can then make sure your personal goals are met before you commit.

Career outcomes
Learn Growth Marketing tools, frameworks and techniques, build growth stacks, test, validate and build your portfolio or startup idea, get a job in growth. At the completion of our 10-week, full-time course you’ll:

Feel comfortable in low budget and high scale environments, working on real-world growth projects, with startups and companies that are seeking new paths
Understand the growth process & strategy – how to leverage the relevant tools
Learn how to acquire, activate, retain, drive revenue and drive referrals
How to build conversion funnels and utilise data to make more informed decisions
Gain an ability to effectively communicate concepts with various stakeholder groups
Evaluate and execute a myriad of proven growth techniques
Get exposed to real life growth hacks from experienced mentors
Have the ability to shape your own growth career path, and move towards your ideal future
Be equipped to fluidly move into a growth career, with confidence
Retain powerful in-house skills to drive success in a company
Why now?

The startup and tech industry are suffering from a shortage of quality, job-ready growth, and digital talent. Our graduates are equipped to fill this digital skills gap and hit the ground running. Our aim is to educate the next generation of digital change-makers, providing our ecosystem with growth driven individuals who want to create impact. Be one of the few who takes charge, before the wave of demand takes charge, get in early.

Are you ready to embark on your Growth journey? Take the next step, transform your career and become a Growth Marketer.


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