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Front-end Development
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1 day, Saturday, 10am — 4.30pm
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Locomotive Street, Eveleigh, New South Wales, 2015, Australia

Coding for Creatives

New South Wales, Sydney


Coding is an art. Learn how technology skills will boost your creativity and inspire you. Be able to speak the language of tech with your team and see how you can take more control over your work. Adding coding skills to your repertoire will supercharge your life.

Who should attend?

Whether you’re a fine artist, graphic designer, musician, actor or even a dancer, if you work in the creative industries, this workshop gives you the experience of building technology with code.

Even if you’ve never coded before, you will enjoy using developer tools and bringing your artistic talent to create an app.

What you'll learn

— understand how coding will help you in your creative career and life
— feel comfortable talking about the potential of technology with clients and developers
— be able to design and build a web page using HTML, CSS and modern design libraries like Bootstrap
— have played with raw code to understand the five programming fundamental concepts
— have built a web application using the "application design process"

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