The Scent of Australia

Location New South Wales, Australia
Founded 2012
Employees 5-25

Australia’s fastest growing Fragrance House, Sydney Fragrance, recently launched its ‘Scent of Australia’ collection - a ground-breaking first-of-its-kind range comprising of 10 expertly crafted candles evoking experiences unique to the country’s gateway city.

Loved by both locals and visitors, the ‘Scent of Australia’ collection of candles by Sydney Fragrance cleverly embody the city’s most popular and beloved features from beaches and florists, to outback Australia and the scent of Australian ALPHA men.

The range of luxe soy-blend candles are stunningly set in contemporary translucent, white glassware and each lid is complimented with a different grain of wood, to match the personality of each fragrance, in being true to the Australian landscape.

"More so than any of our senses, the sense of smell has the power to evoke emotion. A scent can transport you back to a moment in time; fleeting, fragrant and almost forgotten'" said Creative Director, Jai Evans of Sydney Fragrance.

The Scent of Australia collection showcases Sydney in all her glory, from the burnished beaches to lush bushland. For those who have experienced Sydney's style, these fragrances will transport you to a time and place to evoke emotion; and for those yet to visit; a sensorial escape, a tantalising taste of what could be.

"Sydney is one of the world's most stunning and eclectic cities. It has been my home and my heart for more than 35 years and the inspiration for so many of my creative ideas. I'm so proud to have captured its spirit, for those near and far to enjoy." said Evans.


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18/35 Clarence Street , Sydney, New South Wales, 2000, Australia

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