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Pregnant belly painting turns the mother into a living artwork through painting a design directly on to her skin. Whilst resting comfortably the brushes gently massage and adorn both the Mum and their baby to be. Only hypoallergenic FDA-approved water-based makeup is used. Women are sometimes so comfortable and relaxed, they fall asleep while being painted. The baby seems to like it too. Perhaps the light play and the gentle massage of the brushes becomes a curious game for the baby.

Each artwork expresses the deeper personal story of the mother and baby. The process aims to inspire a mother’s love for her own unique beauty and give an opportunity for her to connect deeply with her unborn baby.

Because of the founders background influence in created body art for corporate and circus shows, we design a completely themed scene with costume pieces, head-dresses, and stick-on decorations. The designs, props and settings are tailored to any brief, theme or family identity. We can use airbrush, paint brushes, stencils, latex additions, decorations such as rhinestones, glitter, sequins, beads and material to create with. The options are truly endless.

Sometimes partners or children are included in the artwork, which gives it a whole other depth.

Canvas prints really bring the photos to life. Extra layers of paint and detail can be added on top of the canvas. All prints use ‘archival standard’ inks and canvas so the print lasts 75-80 years, rather than the 3-5 years of a cheaper printer. Photographs can also be turned into framed prints, albums, silk wall hangings, albums and cards.


Body painted design and decoration
Costume pieces and props
Natural outdoor setting and client private home photo shoots
Prints of any kind and DVDs of images
Baby shower or blessingway ceremony activity
Unique Features

Painting onto the belly
High degree of artistic quality
Pampering experience
Artistic expression of the client
Quality photo products
Life cycle
75-80 years photo print lifetime.

Main Uses
Keepsakes, decoration, nesting. baby shower and blessingway activity, bonding with the baby, self therapy, indulgent creative fun, framed prints, canvas wall hangings, albums and books, cards.experience and can be painted too.

Circle of Love Body Art


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