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  • Photography 2
  • Cinematography 1
  • Screen Editing 1


Advertising Design, Brand & Creative Strategy, Cinematography, Colour Grading, Creative Direction and Development, Graphic Design, InDesign, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Project Management, Publication & Print design, Screen Editing, Sound Recording and Mixing, Sound Mixing, Studio lighting


  • City Regenerate
    Design & Media Team Leader
    2015 - Present

    Leading a team of gifted individuals to serve & support the City Regenerate movement through use of creative mediums, social media and general online presence. To also train the individuals in their view of ministry, evangelism and approach to work.

    Main responsibilities include:
    - Communicating and looking after all team members and continually watching their capacity levels.
    - Overseeing and delegating tasks to all members, creating specific design briefs and instruction.
    - Directing and leading them to digest, follow and strive for the City Regenerate vision & mission
    - Teaching and training on theology in creative, social, cultural spheres, relevant to our industry.
    - Facilitating tasks or producing content if team members are unable to.
    - Reviewing and discussing content, ideas and creative direction.
    - Leading the videography end of City Regenerate.

  • Rushfaster
    Office All Rounder, Bookeeper, Photographer & Videographer
    2013 - Present

    Working in a fast-paced and demanding environment in a team whose goal is to bring a friendly and satisfying online experience. Upheld and maintained a standard of orderliness and cleanliness.

    Main responsibilities include:
    - Stock handling, receiving and careful inspection of products (with attention to detail).
    - Stock organisation and management
    - General clerical duties. Occasionally dealing with invoice data entries and small administration.
    - Currently working as a photographer for new products or updated products.
    - Also currently working as videographer for product reviews and product demonstration/walkthrough.

  • Lightbox - Chinese Christian Church
    Videographer / Graphic Designer
    2010 - Present

    Lightbox is a in-house creative arts unit at Chinese Christian Church.

    Main responsibilities include:
    - Creative thinking and planning of promotional campaigns.
    - Graphics production for events and monthly series.
    - Promotional video production (film&edit) for events.
    - Video documenting various events.
    - Overseeing and/or executing design & media projects.
    - Thinktank member for Church rebranding projects.

  • Diakonos Media
    Junior Film Editor
    2015 - 2016

    Working as a junior film editor under the mentoring and guidance of freelance film editor Andrew Kristiaman. Currently working in documentary style work.

    Main responsibilities include:
    - Content preparation and syncing
    - File management and project organising
    - Currently working with Adobe Premiere Pro CC
    - Creating first draft cuts

  • TeenSS - Chinese Christian Church
    Youth Leader / Design & Media Coordinator
    2010 - 2016

    TeenSS is a youth group ministry in Chinese Christian Church Milson's Point.
    Teaching and leading high school youth alongside a team of 11 volunteer leaders under the guidance and management of a youth pastor. Coordinating all things design & media related.

    Main responsibilities include:
    - Teaching and engaging the youth to help them explore and affirm their faith in bible studies.
    - Strategic thinking and planning in effectiveness and practicality for the youth ministry.
    - Pastoral care and oversight of the youth.
    - Regular administration of online databases and visual media.
    - Band leading and management in church music.
    - Discipleship and training.
    - Overseeing and/or executing design & media projects.
    - Creating graphics & visuals for events and promotions.


  • College of Fine arts (COFA)
    Bachelor Of Media Arts (Hons)
    2013 - 2016
  • University of New South Wales
    Bachelor Of Architectural Computing
    2012 - 2012

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Ed Cheng
Education College of Fine arts (COFA)
University of New South Wales
Employer City Regenerate
Location Sydney Australia


About Ed

Ed is currently studying a Bachelor Of Media Arts (Hons.) at UNSW Art & Design. Ed is interested in all things film, specifically screen editing, cinematography, colour grade and production design.

Ed has had the privilege of participating in various projects over a diverse range of industry groups, and has had the opportunity to learn and engage in multiple disciplines within design and digital media. Ed loves to see stories come together and see those stories bring a positive impact on peoples lives. Ed currently edits for event promotion content, documentary style content and occasionally short film content.

People that inspire Ed are Dieter Rams, Tom Ford, Jonathan Ive, Hoyte Van Hoytema, Wes Anderson, Lee Smith and Paul Thomas Anderson.

You’ll often find Ed with a strawberry milkshake, a DSLR camera, engaging in various social media platforms, reciting movie quotes or checking out the latest update in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A big part of Ed is that he's a Christian. Being a Christian gives a totally different outlook in the way he works, the way he treats people and the way he lives the life that he has.




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