The Rocks Pop-Up | Project 3

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CATC Design School students have transformed the window at 27 Nurses Walk where they have paid homage to the old hospital site as well as shining a light on the unforgettable history that once was part of The Rocks area. On Display from 18th of May – 11th of June 2012.

Concept and Design by- Alannah Morris, Sebastian Karbowski, Cathy Frank, Jess Middleton and Carlo Bruzzese

"“The early fruits of labour and conviction/
They became what they were lacking
What they were lacking is what they saw

What filled their heavy heads?

It became apparent, that what the people needed
Is what their dreams were made of

Legend has it that whatever it was, lives on

If ‘everything by right belongs to those who care for it’
Have a good gulp on the OJ

Because a pioneer never settles
In the one place for too long”

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