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ACMI's latest blockbuster exhibition celebrates the work of the world's most innovative and influential videogame designers, including Peter Molyneux, Warren Spector, Tim Schafer, Hideo Kojima and more.


To create a responsive user experience to represent a premier interactive exhibition… and the small task of paying tribute to decades of innovation and design from true creative legends of a 52 billion dollar a year industry. Easy.


A creative concept derived from the Gamemasters themselves. You could call it a little out of left field. With a gamers smorgasbord of creatives spanning over 30 years of excellence, our solution looks to compliment these creative eras, melded into a single design. A mashup of 80's isometric, mixed with 90's colour gamut and sprinkled with the latest browser technologies to deliver an all new and exciting experience.

Working with the Australian Centre for the Moving Image on such a project has been a dream come true. With a tight timeline, we've been blown away with their willingness to explore the unknown.

Game Masters

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