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Casting, Corporate Video, Digital Content, Documentary, Editing, Executive Producer, Multi-Platform Content, Music Videos, Post Production, Pre Production, Producing, Production Management, TV, TV & Film Commercial, Video


  • Just Be
    Producer / Production Manager
    2001 - 2013

    I am a Producer / Production Manager who has worked in the Online / Video Content / TV Commercial / TV Commercials for broadcast for the Television & Advertising industry for well over 12 years.

    Management of all aspects including; client negotiation, account managing, creative development, scripting, pre-production including budgets / schedules / contracts etc, casting, managing live-action shoots, motion design / animation, post / vfx, digital / online interactive and management.

    Work involving; Digital online content, social campaigning, TV commercials, TV promos / campaigns, branded video's, corporate virals, documentary, music video’s,TV and film development, TV shows, events, casting as well as talent management.

    My past experience; I have also worked in roles such as; Executive roles, Associate Producer, Line Producer, Casting Producer, Studio Manager, Prod Co-ordinator, Talent Co-ordinator / Casting.

    I am very interested in both freelance short term projects and also long term opportunities / prospects with companies.

    Specialty / skills; These types of roles included skills such as; account managing - dealing direct with clients, client negotiation, creative / concept development, resourcing, managing and booking of all internal / external creatives, crews including directors, location reccing, casting, contracts, legal, budgeting, scheduling, timelines, shoots, booking of all creatives and crews, post, audio, OHS safety, reconciling of projects, ...basically managing all aspects of a project including the overall creative to the overall delivery of a project.

  • Blink TV
    2012 - 2013

    Eurovision 2013 Awards Australian 1:30 sec clip insert for international TV Music Awards in Malmo.

    "The heart of Eurovision 2013" with Julia Zemiro TV Show for SBS Australia.

  • TCO
    Senior Producer
    2012 - 2012

    Nokia Boost Mobile TV Commercial online campaign
    Allens Smilemaker TV Commercials ( Australia wide road trip )
    Powerade online social content video's
    MAC Estee Lauder online content video's
    Nat Geo Doomsday Promo Ident's for Broadcast
    In 2005 >
    Ready Steady Cook’ Network TEN, Perfect Italiano’ Break Bumpers
    Pringles/.Big Brother 1 x 30 sec’ & 1 x 10sec’ Tvc
    Pringles/Big Brother
    Vanilla Coke, x Factor / Kamahl Campaign 5 x 10sec’ Tvc’s
    Ready Steady Cook’ Network TEN, FPC Break Bumpers x 10.
    Ready Steady Cook’ Network TEN, Continental Break Bumpers x 10.

  • Motion Picture Company / The DMCI
    Head Producer
    2011 - 2012

    1 x 30sec Mitsubishi Electric Centre of the Family TV Commercial
    1 x 30sec Mistubishi Electric Many Seasons TV Commercial
    1 x 60 sec' Mitsubishi Summer TV Commercial
    Getup 1 x 60sec & cutdown TV Commercials
    Smirnoff TVC for online content
    Sony "Tim Cahill" TV Commercial campaign
    OAK online viral content pitch
    Commonwealth series of TV Commercials
    1 x 30sec Getup TV Commercial

  • The DMCI
    2010 - 2010

    History Channel 2011 TV Commercial
    History Channel Highlights' TV Commercial
    ONE HD Emirates TV Commercial
    ONE HD Summer Promo Ident
    Foxtel / 111 HIts Promo Ident's
    Biggest Loser Promo Ident
    Junior Masterchef Promo Ident
    The Athletes Foot / Asics TV Commercial
    Th Athletes Foot / Adidas TV Commercial

  • Freehand
    Casting Producer
    2010 - 2010

    TOP GEAR Series 3 Casting Producer - Lisa McCune, The Chasers, Michael Clarke, Jimmy Barnes,

  • Interactive Originals
    2010 - 2010

    Optus / Aztech 3D presentation at State Theatre & Nationally.
    Samsung Pitch
    X Factor TV show development

  • Petrol Electric
    Executive Creative producer
    2010 - 2010

    INXS 1 x 5min doco segment for Inflight Entertainment.
    Creative development of 4 - 12 Music Videos for INXS 2010 Album.

  • Collider Films
    2009 - 2009

    Renault’ Car Tvc, 1 x 45’, 1 x 30’
    AGL TV Commercial
    Cadbury TV Commercial
    NAB TV Commercial

  • MTV Australia
    Creative Production Manager
    2008 - 2009

    Managing all aspects of pre & post production of internal & external
    creative projects including MTV, VH1, MTV UK all 5', 10', 15', 30', 60' sec'
    Promos, Interstitials, Idents, re-branding Pkg & Tvc's. This includes client
    negoitation, resourcing, managing & booking of all internal & external
    creatives & crews including directors, location recking, casting, budgeting,
    scheduling, timelines, shoots, post, audio, OHS safety, reconciling of
    projects, overall delivery of project, managing all aspects of each project.

    2009 MTV Awards Interstitials - Clearasil, Joop, Jagermeister, Toy Yaris,
    Chuppa, Vodafone Chupps Tvc's
    My MTV Interstitials - GOLD PROMAX 2009 Best interactive Promo
    MTV Summer Snaps - SILVER PROMAX 2009 Best interactive Promo
    ARIA Hall of Fame Interstitials
    Arnott's Tvc
    Astra Awards Interstitials
    Bigpond Tvc
    Blackberry Mobile Tvc
    Bop-IT Tvc
    Countdown to the Lair Intersitials
    Cosmopolitan Interstitials
    Dairy Farmers Rise Smoothie Tvc
    Dolly Interstitials
    EA Spore Interstitials
    Fan Vs. Band Show Pkg
    Fed Government Skin Cancer Tvc
    iRiver Tvc
    Moosehead Interstitial
    MTV My Pix Interstitials
    MTV Summer Event Interstials
    MTV Summer Re-brand Pkg
    MTV Top 20 Pkg
    OK Karaoke Show Packaging
    One Water Tvc
    Pimp My Kettle Tvc
    PS3 VJ Stalker Interstials
    Samedi' Tvc's
    Singstar Tvc's
    Smart Ass' Show Pkg
    Snowjam Show Packaging / Idents
    Switch PSA Tvc
    Telstra Hiptop Slide Mobile Tvc
    The Lair / Evermore Intersitials
    The Lair / Sony Interstitials
    Toyota Kickstart
    Toyota Yaris Tvc
    UK AM Rush Branding / Idents Pkg
    UK VH1 Pkg
    VH1 Greatest Pop Songs Interstitials
    VH1 Greatest Rock Songs Interstitials
    Vidal Sassoon Goddess Tvc
    Vidal Sassoon You Curl

  • Fuel International
    2006 - 2006

    Samsung Blackjack TV Commercial / greenscreen shoot’ & Post
    Hyundai Santa Fe’ Tvc
    LCM’ Shakes Tvc
    Kellogg’s K-Time Tvc
    MacDonald’s Tvc
    Fairfax Tvc
    Johnnie Walker Tvc
    Tiger Beer Tvc Campaign

  • Ambience Concept
    2004 - 2004

    Producing, Writing & Developing Content for Television & Film.
    ~Including Content Writing, Casting, Pilot Producing. Managing Live
    Action Shoots, Post, Graphics & Edits, Managing all script & print
    materials, Packaging & Distribution, Pilots & Proposals. All legal
    submissions & applications, assisting executives Michael Boughen (ex
    Southern ), Bryan Lowe & Jonathan Page (Harbourside Pictures).
    These projects below include the 2004 Nickelodeon Awards’ & Go Go Stop’
    TV Program for Channel 7.

    The 2004 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards
    Go Go Stop Program / Channel 7, 30min Pilot
    She Live ‘Paula Duncan’ Talk Show TV Pilot
    Late Night Trivia, TV Pilot
    StyleTV / Bigpond Channel
    Sweet Revenge’ TV Program
    One Summer’ Feature Film
    Scam’ TV Program
    Suburban Ninja’ TV Program
    RFTV’ TV Animation Series
    New World’ Live Action TV Program
    Emily Eyefinger’ TV Animation
    Erky Perky’ TV Animation Series
    2004 Logie Winning Pop Pups’
    Girl Power TV Series / Content Development

  • Zspace
    2003 - 2003

    ABC QLD Idents ( Queensland ) 12 x 15 sec'
    Asia Pacific Idents ( H. KONG / K.L / Thailand,
    MALAYSIA) 30 x 15 sec’
    Fox Sports Ident Logo’s
    Fox Sports TVC’s
    Planet X TVC
    Toohey’s TVC
    Disney TVC
    Disney Studio D’ Set Design
    Mamma Mia TVC’s
    Premier League Branding Idents

  • Mesh22
    Production Assistant / Manager
    2001 - 2003

    Camielle’ Yada Yada Yada Music video
    Rockmelons ‘ All I want is you’ Music video
    GTO ‘Superstars of Modern Love’ Music video
    Taxiride ‘Creepin up slowly’ Music video
    Shots Magazine ID Ad for Dvd Release
    Mix of Nations’ TVC 30 sec TV Title Sequence
    She’s Beck ‘Fashion label TV Sequence
    BDA Awards Submissions
    Young Director’s Showcase Submission
    Company Asia Pitch Reels
    Company Australia Pitch Reels
    Marketing Packages
    All Omnilab Print Work

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Briony Luschwitz
Employer Just Be
Location Sydney Australia




Total $5



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