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If you haven’t experienced Moose Shopkins, Trash Packs, Blingles, Uglies or Zelfs – you either don’t have kids under 10 or you’ve lost your own inner child. Australian owned Moose exports toys to over 85 countries. They imagine, create and manufacture; they’re an incredible success story. Moose wanted to grow up….without growing up. They wanted to exude strong, minimal, professional branding while keeping it ridiculously fun.


Brand Strategy + Brand Mark + Packaging + Design

We used our unique Brand Strategy planning process to humanise and define the Moose brand before rejuvenating the Brand Mark and key Touchpoints. Everything has been ‘moosified’, including their amazing office space, signage, packaging, etc.


Today they have a lot more under 10’s nagging their mums for Moose Toys right around the world. And Moose CEO Manny Stul won 2016 World Entrepreneur of the year (while we’re not claiming responsibility for that accolade – we’re sure the new branding didn’t hurt)

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