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It’s one thing creating amazing work; it’s another managing a creative business. In this weeks ‘Spotlight’ Melbourne Graphic Designer Treasa Burns share’s her tips for juggling work and operating a business while continuing to be creative.

If there was ever such a thing, what would a typical working day look like?

A lot of my day is strategy, marketing, social media and communications. In a busy, rapidly growing company like ASPECT Studios everyday is different. It can be anything from media releases, newsletters, photography or developing the internal brand. In the evening I work for Design by Slice with my very talented business partner Hannah Fleetwood, we work on branding and illustration for small business and events. I like the balance and variation between both jobs so I never get bored!

What pieces of work are you most proud of? And why?

My most recent logo design (for a new record label called For Home Use Only) is the piece of work I am most proud of. It was a collaboration with my partner, we both really enjoyed the process and I think this adds to the final deliverable. Not only does it work perfectly with the concept of the label it also reflects my personal style as a designer, something that is sometimes difficult to achieve when working for clients. You can listen to the first mix by Rings around Saturn here.

What tools / techniques / approaches did you use to create these projects?

Every project begins with a pencil and paper and often some further hands on experimentation with paint or other off screen tools. Looking at design books is also key during the concept stages. I find online research can often flood your mind with too much information and not always the right information. A carefully compiled book can offer so much more than the entire internet in my opinion!

What’s the best part about working in the ASPECT design team?

The best bit is being a part of an innovative, design driven studio. Everyone here is truly passionate about design and works extremely hard to achieve the best. It is exciting to provide graphic support for amazing landscape and urban design projects that are shaping the future of Australian and international places.

What are the most common challenges you encounter in the job/industry?

Trying to convince clients of the value of good design.

Can you name/describe another brand’s product design you have recently been excited by? And why?

Just this morning I saw this new product on Dezeen and really want one. I am always looking for ways to be more sustainable and to protect the environment. I have many plants but can’t have a compost bin because we don’t have a garden. Not only is this product practical and environmentally friendly but it looks great!

How do you keep evolving and growing as a designer?

Reading books and magazines, Apartamento is one of my favourites. As is everything published by United Editions. It is becoming increasingly important to take time away from the screen to learn and grow. Exhibitions are another great way to learn, network and get inspiration – this week I went to Gertrude Street projection Festival. And as for social media, I follow all the designers and studios that I admire, which helps me learn about their process and improve my own skills.

Any advice for aspiring designers?

I am definitely still an aspiring designer myself! I think I will always be aspiring, which is a good thing. But for anyone just starting out I would say work hard and be nice. In can be a tough but also rewarding industry.

For Home Use Only

For Home Use Only


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