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Employment opportunities are evolving. We’re tech-savvy, connected and we’re juggling a few professions in a sleeve or two. Now, more than ever, the potential for rising designers to share work, find work and network are infinite! We’ve been talking with Freelance creatives who’ve taken a strong path forward with their creative careers in the hope that by reading this, you’ll feel inspired to gear up and do the same. So, here we are at number five, introducing Motion Graphics Designer, Jonathan Reyes:

1. Tell us a little about how you cut your teeth on the industry, and how that inspired you to head out solo?

During my final year of university, I made the effort to grab the attention of established creatives in my local community, as well as globally. We are lucky to live in a digital age where it’s so easy to strike up a conversation with your mentors. I found that being part of the community in your industry is essential as they are ultimately the ones who will land you your first job. I took every project with overflowing enthusiasm, trying to prove I could bring value to the table. The good times came rolling from there.

The prospect of becoming a Freelancer was a no-brainer. I loved the idea of challenging briefs and creative freedom. I spent some time at an Advertising Agency, but the ghosts of Freelancing Past, Present and Future kept calling my name. It was an opportunity too tantalizing to resist.

2. Your graphic and animation skills are pretty darn gangbusters, what goes into your creative process?

It always starts with inspiration. I’m constantly scouring the Internet and my surroundings for designs that stick out to me and deciphering why I found it engaging. Then after a good coffee and siesta, I sit myself down and conceptualise ideas. I scratch my head, pick my brain and figure out the most engaging ways to respond to the brief. Then I rinse and repeat. When I’ve hit the sweet spot, I look for feedback.

If I’m having fun during the creative process, it’s a good sign that the final piece will be something I’m proud of.


3. As a compulsive Gif sender, your Tumblr projects are the best evs! How did that partnership come about?

Early in 2015 there was murmurs of a new initiative by Tumblr called the Tumblr Creatr Network, an agency-style platform that connected emerging creatives with big brand campaigns. I sent an email to their HQ and never heard a response, but noticed a peculiar Tumblr account begin to follow my blog. Only later did I find out it was one of their talented Producers. Months down the track she reached out to me to become part of the exclusive Tumblr Creatr network. I ecstatically accepted and I’ve been part of their exciting projects ever since.

4. What are you looking forward to this year?

I just started a new project for an international brand where the client is crazy enough to fuel my compulsive GIF-making tendencies. I have my fingers crossed for more Tumblr projects, and I’m also excited to experiment with videography this year. The rest is a surprise. The best thing about being a Freelancer is that the incoming projects are never the same, yet always challenging and exciting.


5. Got any hot tips for boosting productivity?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the dreaded productivity slump. Sometimes you need to force yourself down and get that pen onto paper. Sign out of social media. Turn off your phone. Limit Internet access. ( has been a lifesaver when push comes to shove).

Surround yourself with other creatives who inspire you to work harder. Get your eight hours and daily exercise. Finally, think of the end-game. There’s a shiny new piece of work you can show off when you finish a project. Collect that prize.

6. Can you make us a Gif that best represents you?


I had too much fun making this. I make no apologies.

7. What’s something you can’t work without?

The daily essentials are a shot of caffeinated goodness, a big glass of water, a bit of sun and my fingers forever lingering over the Cmd+Z keys.

Follow Jonathan on The Loop.

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