5 Reasons Squarespace Is The Online Tool You’ve Been Waiting For

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Isn’t it about time to claim your lil’ patch of domain space in the world? Coding gotcha down? No fear. We’re confident that after you explore website building tool, Squarespace, you’ll be well on your way to conquering online greatness. Not so sure? Here are 5 reasons why Squarespace can take your online identity to the next level:

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1. Caring For Creativity

What if you could create a beautiful portfolio website in minutes by dragging and dropping images from your desktop? Sounds like a dream right? Squarespace have built a clean interface with the creative in mind. Super simple, WYSIWYG with large and easy-to-navigate image templates that can be customised to make the most of your workflow. You can even upload high-res images, set a focal point, and Squarespace will automatically create a perfectly cropped version for every device.


2. Keeping It Simple

Sometimes bold ideas don’t require a full website. Squarespace Cover Pages can provide a stress-free alternative for you to build a simple, yet stylish, single-page website. Add an online dimension to your portfolio, whether you want to showcase imagery, video, your latest podcast episode, or advocate your social feed, simply pick a template that best represents your work, and get started without needing to know any code!


3. Build it Beautiful

Aside from creating these amazing templates, Squarespace continue to innovate their services by connecting with real customers in the design and start-up community. Staging their creative vision through individual stories show how everybody’s passion can be achieved with a few simple clicks. Their campaigns celebrate live websites using elegant solutions that represent many types of businesses in the world of online publishing.

“Much of our marketing is about connecting with creators that share our values, and we’re excited to launch our new campaign that will inspire others to follow their passions and create something beautiful on Squarespace.” says founder and CEO Anthony Casalena. – Adweek.


4. Long Live Responsive Design

Since Google introduced “mobile friendliness” as a major factor in search rankings, if your site isn’t optimized for mobile devices, SEO isn’t going to be your bff. We’re well past the mobile tipping point, so it’s no longer a case of asking whether mobile design important, we know it is! Hand-held devices have become our go-to for a whole range of digital services, and the diversity of mobile format is still increasing. Even if it’s an expectation that many users take for granted, this is your primary point for presenting to a prospective studio that you’ve got an understanding of how the online world works – better make it your business. Lucky for you, all of Squarespace’s templates use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool and have passed with flying colours. Every blog post, image gallery, and page is fully optimized for mobile.

5. The Dude Abides

To show that any idea can be transformed into something beautiful, Squarespace worked with everyday hero, Jeff Bridges to bring his passion project to life. Publishing a site to hold his unique album of Sleeping Tapes filled with sounds, meditations and stories designed to lull you to sleep, was launched using eCommerce features that help tie it all together. Proving if he can – you can. Looking for some new office hits? Stream all Jeff’s tracks on DreamingWithJeff.com. “We hope to show that Squarespace can help make any dream, no matter how wild or weird, a little bit more amazing.”

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What are you waiting for? Create your own online portfolio today with a free trial and get 10% off your first Squarespace purchase using offer code: THELOOP.




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