5 Artists New To The Loop Shop

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Would you believe it’s¬†just 9 sleeps away from Christmas? Not that we’re counting, but this year we’ve got you prepared with¬†the perfect bag of gifts to save¬†you from any festive fails. Looking to find something special¬†for that certain someone? What about the person who has everything? How ’bout treating yourself for all the hard work you’ve put in this year?! Lucky for you,¬†The Loop Shop¬†is here to¬†put you ahead of the Christmas curve:


Spencer Harrison‘s vivid creations are literally¬†bananas! His¬†hand-pulled screens and risograph prints are a playful insight to a fascination with daydreams and adventures. The easiest way¬†to put a smile on¬†dial?¬†Give one to your favourite friends!


DRKNESS is a Melbourne-based artist armed with a black Artline and a thirst for the macabre. Are you a celebrity spotter? Take home just the bones!


Adrian Morris¬†is an illustrator turned¬†photographer whose images¬†are a collection of hazy moments caught on the fly ‚Äď follow him on his wanderlust travels from Morocco to Istanbul and accelerate your¬†desire¬†to book your next exotic holiday!


David Spencer‘s prints are a reflection of his Fremantle studio. These bright & bold colours are¬†guaranteed¬†to charge those¬†summer feels¬†all the way into the New Year.


Alicia McFadzean is grounded with the notion of storytelling and combining her artistic techniques, she weaves a fantastical, slightly wicked twist across her subjects. 

New artists are added to the shop each week. Pricing includes shipping to Australia.

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