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Creating solid content for your blog, Loop portfolio and social media channels is crucial for driving new and existing visitors to your website.

Content Marketing is the creation and promotion of highly valuable information that is relevant for your target audience.

Below are 7 tips for using effective Content Marketing when it comes to your creative business:

1. Know your target market

Your entire business functions off knowing your target audience. It’s important to spend time defining your audience before carrying out any Marketing Activities.

Create a persona or list the character traits and interests that are likely to be consistent across the group of people you’re trying to reach. Are you trying to reach businesses or individuals? Are they more tech-y or arts-y? Are they more likely to engage with social media or an email? etc…

Knowing your target audience when it comes to Content Marketing will allow you to tailor your strategy and tone of voice based on your target markets needs and wants.

2. Frequency

Content Marketing won’t produce overnight success. It’s something that will take a bit of time (at least 6-9 months) and will grow with momentum as your audience widens and your reach becomes broader.

Remain frequent and consistent – both with your timing and messaging.

Each blog post and communication cements your business and branding in the marketplace. Think of it like you’re creating a web footprint. The more places your content is seen and directed back to your website, the more widely you’ll be known.

This leads me to highlight the importance of having a website for your business. What’s the point of social media if you have no-where to direct traffic for further in-depth information?!

3. Research

Researching Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools will allow you to recognise highly searched pages, topics and trends. Knowing popular keywords for your industry before you begin producing content will give you a head start!

 4. Have your say about trending topics – Newsjacking

Creating content based on trending topics means your articles are likely to be found more easily, as there are more people searching for this topic.

For those unsure what newsjacking is, it’s where you inject your own ideas & knowledge into a breaking news story which is currently generating mass media coverage and social media engagement.

Write a punchy opinion piece or create a simple animation.

5. Use Visual Content

Visual content is high on the list for engaging an audience, especially within creative disciplines. We are programmed to take more information in by looking at an image – this is one of the reasons why Instagram and Pinterest are so successful.

Create infographics. Remember to upload them to your profile and website and share this via social media.

 6. Repurpose Content

If you’ve found a particular topic you’ve written about to be popular, then repurpose it. Use it to inform a theme, provide more information, deliver it differently and provide updates.

Simply adapt the topic to suit a variety of audiences and post the content across a variety of mediums.

7. Quality over quantity

It’s best to produce less, and promote the content heavily via a variety of mediums.

In an ideal world, Google loves us to update our websites a minimum of 3x per week. This gives google fresh content to crawl and lets them know the site is still active.

If updating your site this often is difficult for you, don’t stress. You can still drive traffic to your site by promoting your material on your different social channels.

I’d far prefer to see high quality posts, than ones that don’t provide quality information!

Know what’s worked for you in the past. This will help build an effective content strategy – with the end objective to drive sales from quality customers.


About Alison:

Alison is Director of Relauncher; a source for health and wellbeing business solutions.  Alison is an expert Business Coach, creator of the Australian Health and Wellness Networking Events and Industry Blogger. You can follow her inspiring instagram @relauncher_alison.



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