Best Animal Projects On The Loop

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Image credit: Anya Brock. Creatives on The Loop love to illustrate, design, film and depict beautiful and sometimes hilarious animal characters. Take a moment out of your busy day to admire these hand picked favourites.

1. Life of Sloth

The sloth symbolises that friend who is known to be a bit odd and lazy and Julia Gutman has re-imagined a sloth as someone in their mid 20s, going about their every day life. The sloth even does a selfie in the mirror and uploads a Tinder profile. Check out the project for the full collection.

Animal Design The Loop

By Julia Gutman

2. Philosopher Badger

Philosopher Badger The Loop

By Kate Simpson

Kate Simspon’s Philosopher Badger reminds us of Peter Rabbit. He appears to be a wise old book worm and you can just imagine him as a character in a children’s book.

3. Pug Life

Pug Life

By Ruth O’Leary

It’s funny when owners look a little bit like their dog. It’s also endearing when they have matching outfits on like this portrait captured as part of a series of owners and their pets by Ruth O’Leary.

4. Grumpy Iguana

Animal Drawings The Loop

By Fionna Fernandes

Fionna Fernandes has captured the fine detail and texture of a range of different animals, using the traditional ballpoint pen. Check out her project for a dog with the cutest big, floopy ears and a proud looking cockatoo.

5. Astute Hare

by Michael Cain

by Michael Cain

Michael Cain’s animal paintings have featured in restaurants. He uses brush strokes, dripping and scraping of paint to make his animals stand out and capture your eye. Check out his profile for more, including a pecan and fox.

6. Vibrant Elephant

Chelsea Lemon The Loop

By Chelsea Lemon

Chelsea Lemmon’s elephant looks uber trendy with its hyper colours, you could almost imagine it appearing as a fashion print or interior design artwork.

7. Budgie Smuggler

Anya Brock

By Anya Brock

Anya Brock has a soft spot for birds, check out her striking collection of budgies, owls and parrots. Our Marketing Manager Kate purchased a budgie for her bedroom wall she loved it so much.

8. Jungle Life

Tamara White The Loop

By Tamara White

Remember the Jungle Book? This project takes us back in time and re-creates the world that Rudyard Kipling so famously captured. It’s so life-like you could almost imagine standing among the reeds on the far side of the river looking out towards the animals in-front of you.

9. Falling Horses

Falling Horses The Loop

By Kieran Antill

Kieran Antill has captured the sense of motion and despair in his collection “Falling Horses” as we see the elegant creature falling through the sky in numerous paintings.

10. Olly

OLLY from Elliott William

The love Elliot has for his beloved beagle is so beautifully represented in this beautiful short film. Reminding us of the joy and good company animals bring to our lives.



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