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"Storytime" is an educational toy/game and the brief was to create an educational game or toy for young children. When creating packaging and other visuals and components for the board game "storytime", the main focus was rather on the act of story telling and its associated emotions, nostalgia and fairy-tale quality, than on the stories themselves (which are up to the story teller. To achieve this, implementing a consistant usage of particular fonts, ccolours, decoration and texture. The over-all game comes in an inviting package that draws the players in to both the game itself and the entire story telling experience. "Storytime" is a beneficial board game that promotes the value and enjoyment of storytelling, while mending strained family bonds and relationships. Children develop substantial literacy and social skills while parents have the enjoyment of seeing their child learning. "Storytime" teaches vocabulary, sentence structure and broadens imaginations, paving the way for sustained interest in learning.

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