Budget Reporting, Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Complaints resolution, Delivery & Distribution, Design, Dreamwaver CC, Excel, Leadership & Management, Office, Ordering Catering and Office Supplies, Organisation and Coordination Skills, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Visual Merchadise, Word


  • Kookai
    Storeroom manager & sale assistant
    2016 - Present

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Barbi Pain
Employer Kookai
Location Sydney Australia


About Barbi

There is 7 billion people on this world today and here is a brief history about one in that 7 billion. My name is Barbi Pain. I will tell you who I am, what I do, what I want to do and why we should get to know each other. You see I am not that person who reads books, but maybe I should as I do ponder on our existence on this planet and why we live how we live. Instead, I am the kind of person who dreams to do something kind, creative and meaningful to our society.
Okay so here it goes, I born in Germany, lived in Hungary, grew up in England where I used to be a National Champion Swimmer and now I am living my life in Australia. I am a part of the Kookai team who bringing satisfaction to customer and to the team. I been in customer service for 7 years and management for 2. I am grateful for this experiences as I have gain that ‘life/experience-knowledge’ that you need in order to survive in jobs. But let’s be honest my dream is not to be in retail.
In 2012, I attended UNI for a bit. Bit of science here, bit of engineering there with some marketing and digital media. In all of my courses I annoyed the heck out of my classmates by doing more than the brief told us to do, but it paid off at the end as they forgave me because a nice high mark was next to their names. I learnt a few things during my time at UNI, one, Barbi Pain is not made for UNI, and two, there is a lot of knowledge and skills out there for Barbi Pain to learn. What I want to do is not waist my skills and talents (that I am ever grateful to have) in the retail industry, and so, I am more than ready to start my next chapter.
In my time I helped companies like House of Fraser department store to lift its annual profits by 80%. I have my art work painted on a school’s gym walls and sold art work at galleries. I was given the hard but enjoyable responsibility to re-organise over 10,000 units of fashion pieces to ensure work flow efficiency. I had the pleasure to work for the LVMH group, CHANEL and Procter & Gamble. I have worked hard and been lucky to experience all these without any recognized qualifications. In my next chapter I would like to be part of a company that is creative, innovative and fun. I wish to grow with in that company continuously for the next few years to come.
More? Shoot me an email, or give me a ring on my telephone, or even let’s catch up over a nice cup of tea or coffee.




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