Dreams: a unique world

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My textile range, called “Dreams: a unique world”, is inspired by peoples’ shared experience of dreams during sleep. It seeks to bring the elusive nature of dreams into a more tangible state, while staying true to its uniquely experimental images, ideas, and stories that differ from those observed in the outer physical universe.

“Dreams” is further divided into five subcategories, with one assigned to each repeat pattern. These subcategories, which are based on common themes of dreams, are associated with the following labels: flying, supernatural, scenery, food, and monsters. Each repeat pattern is influenced by the symmetrical quality observed in the fine artist Scott Waterman’s botanical print series, and features motifs conjured purely from my imagination.

The pattern designs practice sustainability through its all-seasonal application, and will form the print on outdoors clothes and accessories worn by young adult females in the general populace. Clothes and accessories are the most mobile and visible form of textiles, serving as a perfect opportunity to bring the elusiveness of dreams to the forefront.


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