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For this assessment I was required to present a pitch presentation for a comprehensive spatial design of a nominated branded environment; which in this case was for the dancewear brand Bloch. I chose this brand as my final concept as I am very passionate about the brand and as I gathered quite a lot of information and resources to help me visualise and create a great and effective proposal strategy, that would successfully bring this brand into a
powerful 3D space.

I had to capture within this assessment the brand's vision, strategy and positioning within a 3 dimensional space, which ended up being quite a modern and contemporary dance studio with a built-in Bloch store. I chose this 3D space for the brand as it effectively encapsulates the concept of movement that the brand associates itself with. It would be a space where users would have their senses and the emotions of energy, dedication and artistry engaged, that the brand values; and a place where people would acquire this strong mental impression of the brand.

I had to study carefully the space, its form, function and construction; interpret material, color and light in relation to the brand value. I had to use plans, sections and visualisations to demonstrate the design application. I also had to show samples of the chosen materials, colours and textures. I finally had to create a prototype which was a digital prototype to best show the design application.


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