Charity and Ghosts (Where's Your Mama Gone?) Music Video by The Stillsons

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Released in September 2010 and broadcast multiple times on ABC RAGE TV and Country Music Channel, 'Charity & Ghosts' is described by PBS FM as "a perfect song".

Directed by Jonathan Burton and Alex Joseski, this beautifully produced film clip tells the story of a former British child-migrant, who struggles to confront his ghosts after hearing Kevin Rudd's apology to the 'forgotten Australians' on Monday 16th November 2009.

This song and video also sheds light upon the historical period that brought 'orphans' or 'child migrants' from England to populate Australia with "white British stock' up until 1967.

Around 150,000 children were sent from England to populate the Commonwealth (Canada, Australia, NZ and Zimbabwe).

Many children were lied to about their adoptive status.

Iconic actor John Benton (The Castle) plays the now elderly victim, Cameron Davey the young boy.

This single comes from The Stillsons' critically acclaimed debut album 'Circus', released in April 2009.

British ex-pat Justin Bernasconi adapted the bright chorus line from the 70's hit 'Chirpy, Chirpy, Cheep, Cheep', and incorporated an innocent ukulele melody line to contrast the dark content of the lyrics.


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