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Created for the University of Western Sydney, Sans was a magazine created by the third year publication students. Each class was only given the name of the magazine it was then up to each group to create their own magazine according to how they interpreted the word and definition of sans.

The concept for my groups magazine came from the definition of sans and the word without. Our magazine came from a lot of brain storming and discussing what we didn't want in the magazine and what we had wanted it to be about and the audience we wanted to speak to. Our magazine was without the stereotype and cliches.

Each person had to apply for the role they wanted in the magazine, and my role was that of typographer. Myself and 2 other people decided on the fonts to be used and the layout and glow of the magazine, we came up with the skeleton, and it now had to be filled with meat.

Each student had to contribute an article to the magazine that fit in with the nature of the publication, meaning all writing and graphics and illustration was to be created by the student. My piece was an interview with a friend who is a designer/photographer and graffiti artist, what made him different was the fact that he had no formal qualifications, as a designer, I'm constantly being told I need to have qualifications and asked which ones I have, so it was comforting to see an artist like my friend who was do in demand and who made a living without having a tertiary education.

This is the finished product of sans magazine, as well as my article


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