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Location Victoria, Australia
Founded 2005
Employees 5-25

ACCLAIM is a publishing company founded in 2005. Melbourne-based but global in perspective, we began as a print magazine but have expanded to online platforms. More recently, ACCLAIM also operates as a boutique creative agency. This was born from a demand from several of our clients to create campaigns which engaged with and spoke credibly to our targeted youth demographic.

As a publisher, we connect our loyal readers to the best of what’s happening locally and internationally in the world of style. Our content features stores from every facet of culture that informs contemporary style such as art, design, music and skate.
Ranging from mainstream notoriety to completely underground, all content that we publish is underpinned by passion, style and credibility – something promised by the majority but only delivered by a select few.

We are passionate about the creative culture we represent and speak to. As curators, we connect the dots and we have the unique ability to develop alignment opportunities between brands and consumers through the engagement of our loyal readership networks and the broader community.


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4 Ferguson Street, Abbotsford, Abbotsford, Victoria, 3067, Australia

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