About Sending Handshakes

Are you looking for new ways to discover fresh creative talent?

Search and cherry-pick from The Loop’s database of candidate profiles for fresh talent who may or may not be actively looking for work.

Check out their portfolios, showreels, resumes and projects and if you like what you see, contact them via a virtual handshake

How do Handshakes work?

Ok, so you have made a couple of searches and found some really talented people creating some fantastic content. So now what? To get in touch with someone on The Loop you need to send a 'Handshake'. Simply press the "Contact Me" button on the listing or on their profile.

You can then choose to send the pre-defined message or customise that message to add you own wording.

Once the handshake has been sent, you can then communicate freely with the individual via The Loop message system, for up to 30 days. Look within the compose section of your inbox or hit the message button ontheir profile or when they appear on the search results.

The cost is $25 per Handshake which is valid for 30 days.

It Works!

"We were looking for a designer and reviewed portfolios in The Loop and found a great freelancer, thanks The Loop."

Miya Bradley, FROST*

How much does it cost?

To send a Handshake you need to buy credits.

1 Handshake = 25 Credits = AUD 25


If you would prefer us to send you an invoice rather than pay by credit card or paypal then please send us your advertising requirements and full business name to SALES@THELOOP.COM.AU

How do I get started?

To send a Handshake simply Register then click the 'Send Handshake' button on the candidate's profile you wish to approach.

Any questions?

If you need further information about any of our products or services or have feedback about the site we would love to hear from you.

Please email sales@theloop.com.au

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