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Time has come to present the work I have done during last 6 months. Valley of the ashes in 'The Great Gatsby' was very important location for Baz Luhrmann. A depressing rubbish dump that characters pass when travelling from Long Island to Manhattan. The majority of this location was created digitally.</p>

Indicated are wide shots of the valley.</p>

Matte painting for both shots was created in Photoshop from various photographic elements as well as rendered 3d assets prepared by our team. </p>

In regards the night image I have started with the sky that changed few times before final approval. Extension of the horizon line had to be produced after that as well as continuation of the rail track and the road.</p>

The daytime view proved to be much more challenging as the request at the end of the production was to indicate a farm fields in front of the valley. Final matte painting was produced in collaboration with Alan Lam and Andrew Clarke - both matte painters in Iloura. We couldn't get it done without supervision of Julian Dimsey and Glenn Melenhorst who personally stepped in at the end and finished off the painting being the most experienced matte painter in our team. </p>

Progress animated GIF of the night view can be found here:</p>

Some credits from Iloura include:
Supervision - Julian Dimsey, Glenn Melenhorst,
Rendering, lighting and layout - Tony Alamo,
Compositing - Elena Topouzoglou, Morgan Jones.



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