Builder, Computer design modeller, Conceptualiser, Marker illustrator, Model Maker, Pencil illustrator, Plastics and carbon fibre fabricator, Presentation And Pitch, Prototype Construction, Spraypainter, Strategist, Think tank, Valve circuit designer and builder, Welder


  • Bonkdesign
    2013 - Present

    Head creative and business owner

  • design I
    2010 - 2014

    I have been producing point of sale design for many agencies and companies. designi(eye) are the back end company and engineers that also organize production and distribution from china to around the world. I enjoy the the working relationship with Ed and Hanan whom have produced some wonderful work.

  • EDA Point of Sale Solutions
    Head Creative
    2003 - 2010

    Responsible for creating the look of Point of sale units for clients such as LOREAL and Coty Groups, Coles health and beauty, Vittoria Coffee,Toyota,Blackmores Vitamins. Category management is a speciality with many designs being applied to supermarket and Superstores.

  • National exhibitions
    Head creative
    1986 - 1996

    My role was to design and detail custom exhibits, supervise and sometimes build commercial exhibits. for a great range of clients that lists from Clients like Apple - Unisys - IBM - CompaQ - Ferrari - Porsche - Caterpillar - Centry Oils - pharmacia - MSD - Johnson and Johnson -harper collins - penguin - CSR - Commonwealthbank - Maquarie bank - Department of health etc.


  • Sydney College of the Arts
    Industrial Design
    1978 - 1982

Awards and Achievements

  • Honorary Degree

    Design Services to the state of florida up until the start of the Sydney Olympics

  • Best stand Exhibits

    Over a period of 13 years I had won many best stand awards covering a range of shows from designex to the Royal Easter Show.


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Tim Mason
Education Sydney College of the Arts
Employer Bonkdesign
Location Blue Mountains Australia


About Tim

I have been practicing concept design from the age of 16. My first commercialy accepted idea was the Yellow short and long wheel base Land Rover (thanks to my father being export manager at Leyland Australia). From then on I couldnt stop. Most of the Items I have designed have to be easy to construct and commercialy viable. I dont think theres one corperation or company that hasn't benefited from what I conceive. I am very productive with a wide range of illustration and presentation skills ,with the added benefit of actually being able to specify and build what I design either as a mockup or working prototype. My passion is design, and the working relationship of cost effective production, distribution methods over the aesthetic driver to assist the shopper to make the purchase. I am not one for convention when at home,producing an eclectic collection of home fittings, and often spending the early morning hours, designing and building valve amplifiers or looking for contemporary ideas and design resources. I have a good group of friends all of which are creative and productive in there own sphere of expertise.




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