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An analysis of institutionalization through illustrating a statue and a social culture.


This triptych is an analysis of an institution’s ability to command and self-reflect. The focus on the statue, it’s smirk and it’s dominant declaration are what were intended to strike inspiration into a student. The Spirit of Churchie is a statue which stands for the school’s values and ideals. Yet what is received is a symbol of pretentiousness and an immature assertion to take things for face value.

This work is intended to evoke critical reflection upon Churchie as an institution and how it deals with teaching it’s students to be aware.

It was brought on by the presence of rigorous and old-fashioned methods of control enforced at Churchie that I witnessed first hand as a student. This is no desperate and angsty swing at my school, yet you’re free to interpret what you want.

The warped structure created in the center print was set to communicate the imposing qualities of the system enforced at the school, channeled through the confident smile of the ideal Churchie student. While the presentation of the first and last shows a sort of narrative, a student emancipating from a warped world-view based on image and prestige, to a state that at least attempts alternative thinking and process.


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