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  • Andrijana Blazevic

    AVID Basic, Celtx, Film, Final Draft, PowerPoint
    Education screen and media
    Employer Priceright Sutherland
    Location New South Wales Australia
  • Al Armandi

    Video Producer, Director/Editor and motiongraphic designer

    Advertising, After Effects, Animation, Art Direction, Bumpers
    Education Diploma of media and screen
    Employer Erwin's cat video production
    Location New South Wales Australia
  • Roberto Duran

    Creative Director

    After Effects, Art Direction, Art Photography, AutoCAD , Commercial
    Employer roberto duran photography
    Location New South Wales Australia
  • Jeannie Bella

    Digital Painter, Illustrator, 3D/ 2D Artist, Animator

    After Effects, Animation, Computer Games, Concept, Digital Painting
    Education Masters Degree of Digital Media
    Employer Freelance Illustration
    Location New South Wales Australia
  • Juan Pablo Cifuentes Martinez

    3D Computer Animation, 3ds Max, Animation, CAD, Character Developer
    Education Digital Media Technologies
    Employer The Content Agency
    Location New South Wales Australia

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