3D Computer Animation, 3D Computer VFX, Advertising, Animation, Application Development, Art Photography, Banner Ad, Banner Ad Design, Compositing, CSS, Database Development, Digital Imaging, Display Ad, Documentary, Drupal


  • Cummins & Partners
    Animation, motion graphics, digital designer/developer
    2015 - Present

  • Skare Media
    Animation, motion graphics, digital designer/developer & photographer
    2009 - Present

    I've been working full time freelance for a couple of different creative agencies for the past few years. This has me working with clients such as Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Lucas Arts, Sega, Specsavers, Jeep, AFL, Vodafone among many more.

  • SAS Creative
    Flash Developer / Animator
    2009 - 2014

    literally thousands of Flash banner animations for Disney, Marvel, Pixar etc. dozens of Disney Flash game localisatons, and hundreds of Ooh Digital Panel Billboards amongst other things.


  • Victoria University
    Advanced Diploma of Multimedia
    2007 - 2009

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Chris Staring
Education Victoria University
Employer Cummins & Partners
Location Melbourne Australia


About Chris

Like so many other people in my field there doesn’t seem to be one term that describes exactly what we do, so when people ask I usually just reply with “I’m a digital dude?”. It’s just easier than saying…

"I’m a Digital Designer & Developer who jumps at the chance to show off his After Effects and Cinema 4D skills for animation, VFX, and post production jobs while also completing experimental projects such as projection mapping and motion controlled timelapse projections, VR, AR, Stereoscopic photography, Photogrammetry, Game development.... and occasionally winning photography awards and competitions."

So Digital Dude just seems easier. You know?




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