Local Search Rebrand (formerly Local Directories)

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Google is great. But for all of its virtues, sometimes, the goliath doesn’t quite grasp the distance between Dubbo and Dunedoo. That’s where Local Search comes in.

Local Search is, well, for local searches. But it’s more than that. Local Search is about assisting and partnering with regional communities through the localisation of services. Ultimately, it’s about connecting people. Because why should you care about a plumber 1200km away when there’s one two blocks from you?

So when it came to a rebrand we decided this was one scenario where one size did not fit all.

Local Search is based on the premise that every regional town is unique. It has its own landmarks, its own character, its own trades and businesses. So we created a series of unique logos that reflect each of the town’s unique attributes, from the Big Pineapple to the Golden Guitar.

Each of the worlds follows the same rules and are governed by overarching brand guidelines to maintain consistency throughout.

Each of the logos offers a glimpse into the places and people that make that town great.

Local Search Rebrand (formerly Local Directories)


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