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After Effects, Art Direction, Art Photography, AutoCAD , Commercial, Design, Document Control, Drafting, Excel, Fine Art, Fireworks, Glamour, Landscape, Model Portfolios, Residential


  • roberto duran photography
    Creative Director
    2000 - Present

    But my aim is to capture the natural you, in moments that reflect the excitement and emotion of the day and one of the most enjoyable parts of the job for me is creating images that go beyond a standard photos. I want to enjoy thes images as pieces of art..

Awards and Achievements

  • 3th Place at the Shutterbug Awards

    The series it’s been focus on creating elegance and strength mixt with passions , addictions and sexual preferences, protected by the maternal womb, preparing us for our personal journeys, involving battles and fears as well as victories, success and freedom


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Roberto  Duran
Employer roberto duran photography
Location Sydney Australia




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