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1. Rem Koolhaas, An instrument of chaos. Exhibition catalogue.

World renowned Dutch Architect Rem Koolhaas is known for his uniquely chaotic geometric architecture. This catalogue, intended as a keep sake to be purchased by exhibition attendees, was designed to mirror that aesthetic in print.

2. Save our Scrolls. Yupo Synthetic Paper stock Sampler.

Save our Scrolls tells the story of Captain Yupo, A legendary sailor who found a treasure with mysterious properties in a far off land. The piece included a tear proof map, a coded message in a bottle of water, and static adhesive bottle labels. These elements showed the qualities of the paper range through clever representation and word play.

3. Yowl! Creative Writing anthology.

Yowl! is a collection of short fiction, poetry, and non-fiction produced by RMIT students.The cover was designed to reflect the dark irony and unpretentious playfulness of the writing housed within. This design was chosen for the final publication out of roughly thirty designer submissions.


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