Advertising, Art Direction, Art Photography, Beauty, Commercial Fashion, Commercial Photography, Communications, Digital Imaging, Editorial Fashion, Fashion, InDesign, Internet Marketing, Magazine Covers, Marketing & PR, Photojournalism


  • Capricorn
    Marketing Coordinator/Designer
    2013 - Present

    Marketing, Design, Social Media, Photography

  • Retro Trash Photography
    Fashion Photographer
    2009 - Present

    Photographer/Art Director


  • High School
    1999 - 1999

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Adelle Cousins
Education Nov-1999 - Nov-1999 - High School
Employer Capricorn
Location Perth Australia


About Adelle

I am a freelance photographer after hours and work in Marketing/Social Media and Design during work hours. I am very creative and more often than not you can see my brain exploding with ideas! I love to collaborate with designers and the likes and find it pleasing to promote things that i believe in.

I have worked with many upcoming designers and business owners, building their business profiles in the way of photography. I am currently apart of the Colosoul team and volunteer for Teensoul E-zine.

I have over 10 years experience in Photography, and am completely self taught in the subject, as well as being a creative designer (also self taught).

In this industry...all i really want is some recognition for my work...




Total $5



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