Fujifilm. Print it or lose it.

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Fujifilm Australia was looking to increase market share for photograph printing in Australia and New Zealand.

Sales of physical photos had been falling year on year due to the adoption of digital photography (both cameras and smartphones) and the shift toward displaying and storing your images in digital environments (Facebook, hard drive, Instagram, Flicker). FujiFilm had a vested interest in people continuing to print photos and therefore tasked us to develop an integrated campaign to help encourage people to print their valued memories rather than just post them to Facebook or store them on their computer hard-drives. The brief, at its core was drive people to feel more compelled to print their photos.


The result was ‘Print it or Lose it”, an integrated campaign which played on the paranoia of losing all your digitally stored photos via unexpected scenarios.


We also considered the future of digital and the consumer imaging category. We identified a key positioning statement as well as campaign opportunity to potentially provoke a change in consumer printing and as a result, an uplift in print sales.

The result was a full dissection of the Fujifilm brand and performance as well as analysis of the state of the category and the consumer.

Life’s too short – too short to print photos, and too short not to.


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