Art Direction, Client Services, Creative Direction, Customer Service, Design, Digital Media, Digital Media Arts, HTML, Interiors, Lifestyle, Music Production, Music Programming, Promotions, Sound Editor, Sound Mixer


  • The Society of The Elite Conglomerate
    Art Director
    2011 - Present

    A group of freelancers working together in offering marketing, social media presence, branding and merchandising solutions to small independent businesses.
    Creatively designing for personas that exist in the art world.

    They create original alternative computer graphic designs and have a 'guerrilla' approach to advertising and promotion on social media sites.
    They offer professional services to other well to do independent movements, independent businesses, political campaigns and small businesses that seek to make or increase their profit, and gain more exposure and awareness of their field.

    The Society of the Elite Conglomerate are New York City based and solicits a progressively unique business service type to budget based and start-up businesses that are functioning independently.

  • Clairvoyant Design
    Freelance IT
    1997 - Present

    Original document creations in Word, Digital Media, Webdesign (HTML5), Clerical duties, Printing, Copy machine operation, Project coordinator, Computer Graphic Design and Music Programming, Administrative Assistant

  • S.L.G/Push the Envelope Productions
    Music Production
    1995 - Present

    S.L.G/Push the Envelope Productions is a New Generation Independent music production label that currently releases projects of instrumental music from their 'think-tank' SHOGNOSIS Lab Group. Creative music production in the multi-genre and influenced science fiction themes that combine visuals and creative video editing to it's portfolio.
    Visit their website to learn more about them.

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PeBe KaFeen
Employer The Society of The Elite Conglomerate
Location New York USA


About PeBe

My name is PeBe KaFeen.
I am from Harlem, Manhattan NY and currently residing in Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY.
I have 20+ years in Music Production and Music Programming for my own Independent music production label.
In addition, I have also been a Freelance IT for 15+ years and I am a part of a digital media arts group.
Grinding, Networking and building a solid client base is of importance to me as I am aspiring for a career in music and Digital Media Arts.

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