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  • Self Employed
    Freelance Graphic Designer
    2009 - Present

    My first big freelance job straight out of University was creating the identity system, neon sign and wallpaper for the Strange Wolf Basement Bar. This job went on to win the Best Bar Design category of The Age Good Bar Guide 2012. Other jobs included designing the identity for a cafe in Beaumaris called The Parlor Milkbar & Kitchen and working with a Brisbane based Landscape Architect to redesign their identity and stationery.

    In 2013 I decided to join the New Enterprise Initiative Scheme to get some small business management training and push my freelance work to the next level. I managed to work on another identity system this time for a bar in Seminyak Bali called Jealous Lovers. I also won new clients including VICSEG New Futures a Not-For-Profit involved with helping refugees and asylum seekers.

    2014 saw an expansion into digital with a focus on websites and digital design as I was getting a lot of enquiries into designing for social media as well as building online presence for local businesses and creatives. I worked on a iPhone game with a developer doing the UI Design, this along with delving into digital design and websites sparked my interest in UX design, I wanted to equip myself with skills to create exquisite digital experiences for the user.

    Recently I have taken on more work with the local music industry designing oodles of posters and Facebook event banners for events at the Toff In Town, Howler, Dr Morse and Mr Wows among others.

    Key Roles Included:
    • Client Liaison
    • Identity Design
    • Publication Design
    • Digital Design
    • Design Strategy

    Check out my portfolio here:

  • General Assembly
    Immersive Student/ UX Designer
    2016 - 2016

    Project 1 Good Cycles
    The brief: We were approached by Good Cycles with a rather illusive problem to solve. They wanted to create a cohesive message for their social enterprise online and in store as they had just been pushing the business side of the organisation and not their social programs.

    The Process: This project was research heavy and this component took up the majority of my timeframe. Firstly I conducted some user and expert interviews, contextual inquiry, persona creation and user journeys amongst other research. This was instrumental in creating one of the final deliverables the service design strategy map. We decided that the folk at Good Cycles were probably best equipped with the knowledge for coming up with a solution so as a team we invited them to partake in a collaborative design studio. This helped us understand the kind of solutions they thought would help solve the service design aspect of the business.

    Good Cycles already had a website and online booking form which they agreed needed some attention, so I completed a heuristic evaluation of the entire site based on NN Groups 10 Usability Heuristics and using the UX Check plugin. An open card sort was also completed on numerous participants to find out how sections within the site were categorised. These was instrumental in writing the design specification for the website redesign which was also one of the final deliverables.

    After this a I paper prototyped, iterated and moved onto the clickable wireframe to test on users and generate feedback on the simplest way to enter the details we needed.

    The Outcome:
    There were 3 parts to the deliverables, the online website redesign, offline or in store messaging and the service design strategy which was developed in order to empower the client to implement new ideas and use UX methodologies to keep their online and offline inline.

  • Snap Printing
    Graphic Designer
    2012 - 2013

    I previously worked in a small team of 7 as a Graphic Designer at Snap Printing in Carlton. Along with avoiding paper cuts my day to day tasks included designing print collateral for customers lots of business cards, flyers, posters and publications including large scale ones for academics at Melbourne University and Diabetes Victoria. Other tasks included prepress, setting up and imposing files for numerous print applications including offset and digital as well as colour correcting artwork.

    Occasionally I would engage with customers wanting Graphic Design work completed some of our customers included Melbourne University, Australian Conservation Foundation, Chemart and Diabetes Victoria. I was also involved from time to time in post production, these tasks include trimming, binding and working fold and perforating machines.

    Key Roles Included:
    • Client Liaison
    • Poster & Flyer Design
    • Publication Design
    • Finishing


  • General Assembly
    User Experience Design Immersive
    2016 - 2016
  • Swinburne University of Technology
    Bachelor of Communication Design
    2009 - 2011
  • Victoria University
    Diploma of Graphic Design
    2007 - 2008

Awards and Achievements

  • The Age Best Bar Design Award


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Nicolette Provis
Education General Assembly
Swinburne University of Technology
Victoria University
Employer Self Employed
Location Melbourne Australia


About Nicolette

I am a User Experience (UX) Designer and anti-bland technician with a background in Visual Design and a solid skill set across all UX methodologies. My UX MO involves researching, documenting, designing, prototyping, testing and iterating.

The backbone of my UX process is the ability to listen and objectively observe users in their environment and understand their pain points, this along with my strength as a visual designer allows me to create great human centred outcomes.

I started career as a graphic designer working mainly on print based projects, after working a few years for the man I decided to take a chance and try my luck as a freelancer. This turned out to be a massive learning curve not just in my design practice but in everything from communicating concepts and liaising with clients to time management and organisation.

I am looking for a UX position where I can collaborate within a multidisciplinary team, grow my skills and push my Design and UX skills to the next level, somewhere where I can learn from inspiring people at the top of their game.




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