Location Victoria, Australia
Founded 1989
Employees 5-25

Folio Preparation provides you with portfolio enhancement and a proven pathway for entry into tertiary courses within the visual arts or design areas or direct employment in the creative industries.

The NCAT Folio Preparation Course is set up to:
• Improve students’ practical and conceptual skills, and provide them with a substantial body of practical work for Tertiary interview & entrance.
• Provide detailed careers research and counseling to enable students to make informed choices regarding the multitude of art & design courses and careers on offer.
• Cater for a range of skills and interests, from beginners to advanced students.
• Enable mature aged students seeking a career change to build their practical & conceptual skills and a to create a folio.
• Build student’s creative confidence

The NCAT Folio Preparation Course enables you to:
• Access a course with NO tuition Fees - As a fully funded state government training program, we charge no fees. Ideal for those with existing qualifications for whom other certificate & diploma courses require full fees. Equivalent TAFE courses could now cost you $13,000!
• Access professional art & design faciliti

NCAT Folio Preparation provides students with an opportunity to radically improve practical and conceptual skills while developing a substantial body of work for industry tertiary interviews and entrance. NCAT Folio Preparation has close working relationships with all Victorian universities and TAFES offering art and design courses. Since 1989, over 90% of graduating students have gone on to further study. Many past students now work as Art & Design professionals and provide an invaluable resource as visiting speakers when investigating design careers and opportunities.

Two course options are available:

NCAT Folio Preparation: 3-4 days per week. (Post VCE). Certificate IV in Design or Certificate IV in Visual Arts

NCAT Create: 2-3 days per week. Mature age only. Certificate III in Visual Arts



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Awards and Achievements

  • The Community Challenge - The Sketchbook Project
    55 Art & Design Folio Preparation students won the opportunity for free entry to the International 2012 Sketchbook Project, thanks to loads of people voting for us in the Sketchbook Project's Community Challenge! Our sketchbooks will be exhibited at The NGV's Studio - Fed square, Melbourne & internationally! Finally the will be housed in the Brooklyn Library, USA. Check out The Sketchbook Project and maybe sign up!

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