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1) ‘This is a story of a boy and girl’ is a non-fictional story of the girl who ended up with Niklaus Knecht’s stolen phone, a classmate of mine at Zurich University of the Arts. It began with random photos automatically uploading to Nik’s dropbox from an anonymous girl in Morocco, before an investigation was launched into finding the missing phone.

2) Improving bicycle safety is a key goal in Australia. By changing a behaviour or motivation is a long term, generational communication strategy. Therefore Roadtrip is a digital educational tool for learner drivers to develop road skills as a strategic response to aiding bicycle safety.

3) ‘We Are Umbrella’ is a social enterprise currently being developed by Annecto, with an aim to engage emerging designers to collaborate on projects and consider the social impact of their work. This was a socially engineered branding for the launch of the enterprise.


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