Acting, Age 26-35, Art Direction, Brand Design, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Branding, Corporate Identity, Event Acting, Film Acting, Illustrator, InDesign, Logo Design, Musical Theatre, Photoshop


  • sector7g
    Design Intern
    2012 - Present


  • University of South Australia
    Graphic Design
    2009 - 2011
  • Flinders University
    Drama Centre and Screen Studies (Production and Theory)
    1995 - 2002

Awards and Achievements

  • AGDA Student Encouragement Award

    UniSA Best Student Portfolio 2011

  • UniSA Summer Research Scholarship

    A cross disciplinary project with the school of Art, Architecture and Design and the department of Psychology investigating the way people perceive typography.


    UniSA Outstanding Achievement in History and Theory 2011

  • AGDA Mentorship Award (South Australia)

    Awarded a mentor, Mark Cox, based on a submission to AGDA of the best five pieces of my work.

  • UniSA Merit Award

    An award received for outstanding academic achievement placing me in the top 15% of the UniSA design department.


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Melinda  Gaughwin
Education 2009-2011 - - University of South Australia
1995-2002 - - Flinders University
Employer sector7g
Location Adelaide Australia


About Melinda

Graphic design is the perfect combination of my creative and intellectual skills. It creates a unique and highly rewarding challenge to engage with on a daily basis.

Essentially, design is concerned with solving a set of problems to reach the most successful solution. This is achieved through a series of processes - research and experimentation, trial and error, adaptation and refinement. The solution for one design problem will not necessarily solve another. As such, the state of design and designing is continuously in a state of flux. Each time a new project begins it is like starting from scratch. For me this is an exciting, somewhat daunting experience, a stage to approach with an unrelenting zeal and fervour. You get knocked down, you get back up again. It makes the piece stronger in the end.

Learning to discard the unnecessary, the superfluous, relying on the creative and intellectual power of my hands and brain and using the computer when and only when necessary has allowed me to create design pieces that simply, elegantly and effectively work as means of visual communication.

Influenced by dance, music, art, literature, science and history, my design strives to make you feel and think. It should give you that shiver up the spine you get when you hear a wonderful piece of music. It should invite contemplation, questioning and reflection.

It is to be enjoyed.




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