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Newstar Design Award 2015 - 2D Entry

Example 1: Publication Design: Brian Eno - Insights

For those familiar with the work and philosophies of Brian Eno, I am sure you can understand my decision to give this publication the title ‘Insights’. Roy Ascott states that we should “Stop thinking about artworks as objects, and start thinking about them as triggers for experience.” I used this idea throughout the design to express Eno’s unique approach to art.
When the clear slip case is removed from the publication, the cover changes from ‘Brian Eno’ to spell out the title ‘Insights’ as shapes printed on the clear plastic align with shapes printed on the cover. As the case is removed, the pattern on the cover and the pattern on the slip case converge to create a visual illusion of movement. Just as Eno allows ‘visuals’ to be expressed through the sound of his music, the cover design uses movement to express the ‘sound’ of the visual artwork.
Eno often speaks about creating systems that allow the artist and the viewer to experience the artwork as it is being created, an idea he first explored in his record ‘Discreet Music’. I approached the creation of the patterned pages in the same manner, by allowing the artworks to create themselves after setting up a system and allowing it to play out without knowing what the result would be.
Some sections of the book are highlighted as smaller ‘booklets’ of pages, bound into the larger publication. This is to reflect the way Eno can draw coherent thought from a seemingly random creative process. One page was made with a clear acetate window to allow the viewer to ‘enter’ an installation that could only be experienced in the gallery environment.

Example 2: Record cover: Brian Eno - Insights

The record cover is made as a promotional device for the publication. It could be a compilation album of unreleased works, or an album written by Eno to be enjoyed whilst viewing the publication. The vinyl design utilises the concept of the publication cover by printing one part of the record case, and the other on the plastic dust cover.

Example 3: Poster: Brian Eno - Insights

The poster is one example of the self generating 'patterns' that I used throughout the publication. Brian Eno works a lot with light and has referred to some of his video works as 'paintings made of light'. These 'patterns' were developed using a scanner by manipulating the way the light reacted to given scanned items. The technique was a combination of insights gained from the creative processes of Brian Eno: light painting using a system to create a self generated result.


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